Yiye Zhang



Occasionally weekends


Five Elements Acupuncture

? 95?for initial session (up to 90 min)

? 65?for follow ups (up to 60 min )

Danceworks Staff

?60 initial session

?40 follow ups?

Intuitive coaching

? 100 per session ( up to 60 min )

? 250 for 3 sessions


Intuitive & Prosperity Guide;

Five Element Acupuncturist (JR Worsley style)


?Five Element?Acupuncture / Intuitive Coaching


Yiye Zhang?

Made in China, “shipped” to the UK at 17, ?English is Yiye’s 4th language after Intuition, Dancing and Chinese. After achieving a First-class degree in Maths & Physics, Yiye became a chartered accountant, trained by PWC by day while dancing at night.

As a natural psychic and healer, she then followed her deepest calling, left the corporate world and launched her virtual lighthouse for spiritual entrepreneurs in record time. She helps you decode the mysteries of your soul and simplify your path to your authentic abundance. After having conducted hundreds of intuitive sessions via Skype with clients worldwide in the past five years, now Yiye is also serving fellow Londoners in person at Natureworks.


Book your appointment today, and allow yourself to be taken care of.
“Yiye was very precise and concise; she went straight to my deepest challenge and didn?t waste my time at all.” – Dalia Boudih
?Great healers get straight to the point. They waste no time.? ? Huang Di Nei Jing


You can also download her FREE eCourse {Intuitive Money: Turn Your Purpose Into Prosperity} from her website


Yiye can help you:
  • Live your authentic spirit and fullfil your soul purpose
  • ?Release your creative blocks and anxiety
  • Regain your emotional strength and freedom
  • Remove the karmic saboteurs to your authentic prosperity, financially and spiritually
  • Balance your physical body and improve your wellbeing


What Yiyes clients say: ?

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my essence for the work that you do. It is so important and powerful…I have been able to reconnect with my inner Light and have been able to awaken my Artist. I have been commissioned to create a piece of artwork for a spiritual couple!..” – Dr Tracy Bradley


“Yiye was able to create a safe space for me to open up and share myself. I could feel her compassion, genuine care and non-judgmental attitude throughout the session. Finally things are shifting for the better. Instead of beating myself up, I’m able to accept myself.” – Dalia Boudih


“My first clients came out of the blue and I finally got paid! My skills as a yoga teacher improved overnight and people told me that they actually liked my classes. In all the areas where I felt stuck before, I become powerful and began to really enjoy the entire process…This is the best experience happened to me this year…She is not only a great teacher and mentor, she is also a warm and loving person with a great sense of humor which can light you up even in the darkest moments.” – Anja Kirchner


?Yiye?s intuitive insights have really helped me move forward in so many ways and especially as a creative entrepreneur.” – Brigitte Gleissner


“It was an absolute blessing to work with Yiye. From the first minutes of our session, I felt completely understood and in good hands…Yiye helped me to learn to listen to my Higher Self instead of the negative programming. It was definitely not easy for me, but with Yiye’s gentle guidance, support and a few pushes I started developing a stronger ability to tune in to the intuitive guidance and messages that were always there for me.” – Aselle Seitmagzimova


“I just got a payrise, and I?m having a better connection with my partner!” – Andrea Smith

For appointment please contact:
email:?[email protected],?mobile:?call/text message?07710827296