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Keep yourself motivated this January with a 30 day fitness challenge.?It?s great to commit yourself to something for a period of 30 days and you?ll be amazed with how quickly you progress in such a short space of time. Stay inspired by keeping a photo diary and/or uploading your results onto Instagram.

Ever heard the expression ?Smile and the world smiles back?? Smiling is contagious and actually sends a message to your brain that you?re happy which, in turn, pumps out endorphins which floods your body with the feel-good factor. Smiling can lift your mood, curb your anxiety and increase your confidence not to mention make you instantly attractive. Turn that frown upside down!

In nature, Winter is the hibernation season and there is good reason for this. While it may not be practical in modern-day life to completely hibernate during the Winter months, it?s particularly important at this time of year to acknowledge our innate need to slow down. This could involve taking 5 minutes every morning to meditate, checking in to a meditation/breathing class once a week or seeking quieter yoga practices such as restorative, yin or yoga nidra.

music Whatever your new years resolutions are, it?s great to start the year with the intention of learning something new. It could be an activity you?ve been meaning to get stuck into for a while, number 7 on your bucket list or something you have haphazardly chosen. The brain is a muscle and, consequently, needs to be exercised as to avoid stagnation. It?s also good to make a point of regularly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and starting something new is a great way to do this. Another welcome side effect is that training your brain to learn something new allows you to tap into your creativity which has a positive impact on other areas of your life.

The best way to achieve optimum health is to listen to and respect the wisdom of your body. Everyone is different and there is no fixed way of being ?healthy? so the only way to find out what?s best for yourself is to pay close attention to the clues your body gives you. In terms of nutrition, make time to sit down for every meal with minimum distraction and chew your food slowly and observe how you feel after eating. Not only is this great for digestion, and hence overall health, but also highlights potential food intolerances. With exercise, it will serve you well to learn the difference between tolerable discomfort and actual pain and disciplining yourself to back off when something doesn?t feel right. The more you are able to tune into the intelligence of your body, the better results you will have.



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