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For optimum well-being, the body requires regular movement but the sedentary lifestyle encouraged by the average 9-5 can often deprive us of the movement our bodies crave and rightfully deserve. Try to devote a minimum of half an hour per day purely to moving with minimum distraction. Walking is the easiest style to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and can be easily squeezed into your schedule by getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier, always taking the stairs or even walking to work (if possible). Whatever style works for you, make time to move.
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Whilst it?s necessary to make time for movement, too much can leave us feeling depleted so it?s also crucial to our health to learn when we need to slow down and take a break from too much physical and mental exertion. Take a break from doing and focus on simply being. Even in our quest to slow down, we can often look outside of ourselves for things to do to help us relax which only serves to keep us in a perpetual state of doing…the antithesis of relaxing! Learning to balance out activity with stillness is fundamental to our well-being amidst frenetic 21st century living. Photographer: Annemieke Vink

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Keep your skin smooth and supple, the natural way by adding dry body brushing to your daily routine. This will guarantee an invigorated start to your day and the health benefits are far-reaching and include boosted circulation, improved digestion, elimination of toxins and exfoliated skin with a smoother surface. Before you wash in the morning, start from your feet and brush in brisk, circular motions up each leg, moving in the direction of the heart. When you reach the stomach, brush in a clockwise direction and move up the body and down the back. Finally brush up the arms, past the armpits and finish in the direction of the chest. This is a great habit to get into and you?ll really reap the benefits!

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It seems that every seasonal change brings with it a different health ailment and this month we are interested in using homeopathic remedies to conquer the dreaded hay fever that is often an unwelcome accompaniment to Summer months. The homeopathic approach is individualised to the patient, avoids the drowsy side effects associated with conventional treatments and stimulates the body?s natural ability to heal. If you are interested in this therapy, why not book in with our resident Homeopath Cassie Everett?


Summer months mean sunshine, siestas, sangria and sandals! For the very active, foot exposure can be a daunting prospect as our feet are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. The feet are often the most worked part of the body yet, surprisingly, are frequently the least attended to. Give your feet the TLC they deserve and book in for a reflexology appointment which focuses solely on the feet but cleverly promotes overall mind-body wellbeing. Reflexology targets nerve endings in the feet which in turn, neurologically, sends healing messages throughout the body and triggers the body?s natural ability to restore balance by boosting circulation and alleviating stress. Natureworks therapists Mayumi Tsukahara-Smith or Charlotte Crowther will be happy to help you learn more about this calming therapy.





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