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The easiest way to feel happy is to learn how to find contentment in the present moment. Take the time to notice the finer details of what is going on around you and how you are feeling in response to this. Even though we all do it, worrying about the past or the future simply isn?t going to get us anywhere, is a complete waste of our precious time and also serves as a distraction from what is going on, now. Spring is a wonderful time of year to get into the habit of doing this as we are generally feeling more positive and more aware of our natural surroundings in our anticipation of seasonal changes.

Another great trick to staying present is to cultivate inner calmness. When you become stressed, the body releases Cortisol and Adrenaline, the body?s fight or flight hormones, so you are hit both psychologically and physiologically. Using the breath, you can literally calm both the mind and body down. Focusing on the breath, send it to the areas where you are feeling stressed (for example, some people often experience a knot in their stomach or a tight chest when the angst kicks in) and try to become aware of the breath moving through the body, creating space and cooling you down internally. This is a two-fold trick as the mind gets a break from it?s incessant chitter-chatter as it concentrates on the breath and how it feels in the body.

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For many people, exercise is a fantastic method of staying in the moment. This is why it is necessary to constantly challenge yourself with your fitness routine and to keep switching things up in order to keep the body guessing. When you are learning something new, your brain has to be engaged which, in turn, allows you to stay present as you immerse yourself in the physical activity.

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With British summertime officially kicking off at the end of the month, there?s no excuse not to take your workout outside if you haven?t already. Aside from receiving all the benefits of exercise, you?ll also be soaking up Vitamin D, which we mainly absorb from sunlight and is absolutely essential to our wellbeing. Vitamin D is actually a hormone in your body that is stimulated by exposure to sunlight and this can work to alleviate depression, strengthen bone health and boost immunity. Double the feel-good factor!

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