Biodynamic Craniosacral, Shiatsu, Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Baby Massage, Couples Massage in Prep for Labour, Awakening and Healing Women’s Sexuality (one to one and small groups)

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Tania Gallindo is a skilled bodywork therapist with over 15 years experience of working with pregnant women, babies and small children. In the past 5 years she has also been extensively training, researching and teaching on the subject of women’s sexuality and and pelvic health with a holistic approach to healing it.


Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy

A gentle touch yet powerful way to address a variety of conditions, bringing people to a space of deep connection with their bodies, sensations and feelings hence increasing the process of awareness and healing. It is extremely soothing for babies, children and the ideal treatment if you are fragile or recovering from any medical intervention. Everybody can benefit from this wonderfully relaxing therapy any time in their lives.


Shiatsu (with or without oil)

A Japanese speciality, this technique involves using fingers, elbows, hands and thumbs to apply pressure to acupuncture/acupressure points to relieve stress and pain. It is deeply relaxing and effective for stress, and many other conditions. It is also effective in stimulating blood circulation, and it increases mental as well as physical energy.

My Shiatsu is influenced by my various trainings in massage and meditation, a deep understanding of the body and acknowledgment of people?s unique souls.


Shiatsu for Pregnancy (Birth and Postpartum Care):

It is a relaxing soothing and invigorating treatment ideal for such a transformative time in your life. You and your baby will be deeply nurtured by it. I offer a safe place for you to let go of physical and mental tension and release any anxieties you might be experiencing. I bring along many years of experience not only as a therapist but also as a mother. It will be my honour to be of service to you during your pregnancy as well as the period postpartum.


Baby massage:

Not all of us fall in love with our babies straightway, it is a process that can take a few weeks and for some of us longer, depending on various factors. Baby massage is a fantastic way to increase the bond between you two and create a relaxing space for you to get to know your baby.The emphasis on my workshops is on mother?s presence and the quality of touch, all good things come from this space.


Couples Massage in Prep for Labour:

When a woman feels more secure and less stressed during labour the childbirth process goes smoother, with fewer interventions needed and higher levels of satisfaction postpartum.

These sessions are great opportunity to empower you and your partner, it is a birth rehearsal where you will learn what positions are possible and feel better, what points and areas in your body need more attention, what would be difficult to perform in hospital for example and how we can overcome that. Or perhaps you or your partner have a body challenge that restrict your freedom of movement, together we can find a way to work around that.


Awakening and Healing Women?s Sexuality Sessions (one to one and small groups):

These sessions will support your journey in getting in touch with your sexual energy whether you are experiencing low libido, tension, body image issues, painful sex, or difficulty in talking to your partner about your needs. Sexuality is so much more than just intercourse, it is a potent life force that has repercussions in all aspects of our lives. What you get is a guidance through a deeper understanding somatically and cognitively of your sexual-self and consequently more freedom in being. I will guide you through the process using various tools such as visualisation, guided meditation, breath work, gestalt, drawing, breathing and body talk based in mindfulness and in psychotherapy process work.


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