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I hour and 15 mins for 1st appt ?90

Follow up appts 60 mins for ?75

?Soul Plan Practitioner and Holistic Therapist

Tamara Bexley

Tamara Bexley?trained in many disciplines but the Soul Plan Method is at the hear of her therapeutic approach. She first learned this technique in 2002 with Blue Marsden, the author of “Soul Plan” published by Hay House. Over the years she has assisted many people to activate and align their Soul Plan to connect with a higher purpose and a more fulfilling life.

Tamara can work with you on:

Soul Plan to uncover your life purpose?and identify talents that can assist you

Name changes and name optimisation

Baby Readings to advise your on your child’s life?purpose

Business Name Analysis

Relationships to move on from old ones or improve your understanding of present ones.


What Tamara’s?clients say: ?

Tamara is a wonderful person who has an amazing ability to calm you just by being in the same room as you.? I had a very powerful session with her which helped me to understand my inner fears and enable me to work on my relationship in a very positive way.? She taught me how a shift in my attitudes will reflect on all those around me.? Through Tamara I have now found inner peace and acceptance and have made very positive changes in my life. Cilla

I was stuck in hurt and grief at the loss of a dear friend. Tamara helped me to connect with my friend peacefully and ?in a sensitive manner. Together, Tamara guided and helped me heal and understand the reason for his passing. Since the session I have been able to find peace in loosing my friend. Tamara was able to offer this priceless experience in a very relaxed manner, thank you! Viviana

For appointment please contact:
email:?mobile:?call/text message 07907 895983

Website: soulplanlondon.co.uk