Susie Johns


.?EFT treatment prices:

?100 60 min first treatment
?80 60 minute follow up



EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping)
EFT is effective or a wide range of conditions, from minor issues like physical pain, stress and anxiety to more serious ones like phobias and addictions. EFT can have an immediate and profound effect and it?s not unusual for 4-6 sessions to completely resolve even major and long standing conditions.


Description of Therapy

EFT, also known as Tapping, combines the physical benefits of acupuncture without needles with the effectiveness of cognitive therapy, for a more complete treatment.

Each session moves at your pace so that you progress at a rate that you are able process and maintain.

Deal with your concerns in safe, incremental stages that you are comfortable with.

EFT can have an immediate and profound effect. It is not unusual for 4-6 sessions to completely resolve even major and long standing issues.


What is it for

Effective for treating Physical Pain, Stress Anxiety, Phobias and Addictions.


What patients say


I found the whole experience very liberating and for the first time felt close to being my authentic self.


Thank you for introducing me to “tapping”. I have been very impressed with the results, even after 1 session the benefits were enormous.


Therapists Biography

SUSIE JOHNS – is an internationally acclaimed Life Strategist, EFT Therapist, and Broadcaster. Her philosophy is to enable people to be the best realised version of themselves. Her classes, workshops, articles, books and private client sessions empower people everywhere through self-awareness. Her goal is to help you gain insight into the bigger picture of your life so that you can bravely face and overcome problems and negative patterns ? achieving true fulfilment.

Breaking new ground on television, Susie hosted her own network series, ?Sixth Sense? on ITV network and the unique DIY show ?Make Yourself at Home?. She is the author of the book, Sixth Sense and has had regular columns in Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping, GMTV Magazine and many others.

Contact: [email protected]

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