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About Nick Sowonola 

Nick Sowonola, having worked as a mental health co-ordinator and co-run workshops, retreats and groups, Nicholas gained a deep understanding of the mind and body connection of our well being. After training at the Body Stress Release Academy in South Africa during the 1990’s, Nicholas returned to England to practice. Through his work he has seen how physical, mental and emotional stress has a physical impact on the body experienced as a wide variety of ailments.

Named by the Evening Standard as one of London’s Top Therapists, Nicholas also runs a practice in Wimbledon.

Body Sress Release 


Unlocking the body

Body Stress Release is a gentle but deeply powerful body work that relieves  pain/discomfort and injuries that have been caused by deeply  held locked in stress. Whilst the client is lying fully clothed on the bed, a series of light but extremely precise stimuli are then given to the relevant points on the body. This sets in motion the releasing of locked in stress allowing the body to deal with the underlying cause of the symptoms and the return of normal feeling in the muscles and nerves.


What it is best for ? 

  • Long and short term back pain sufferers
  • People with neck pain and headache problems
  • Those with stiff joints, reoccurring injuries or neural problems
  • Anyone who feels stressed
  • Those aware that their body is not functioning internally as it should be.