Josie Bevan






?95 for the initial 1 hr 30 min consult?
?60 for a 1 hour follow up


“You are NOT what you eat, but what you digest”

Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition

Naturopathy works in partnership with the body to restore it to balance, using food, nutrients, herbs and detoxification techniques.

The new science of epigenetic?s shows unequivocally that genes can be either switched on or off according to their environment.? In other words it is nature?and?nurture that shapes our future health. We can?t choose our genes, but we can chose how we look after them and this requires a personal and individualised approach which must change decade by decade and in response to the stresses and challenges of life if it is to continue to serve us longterm.??Naturopathy seeks out the root of a problem. Through the combined efforts of client, practitioner and the bodies natural desire for balance or ?homeostasis?,the source of imbalance is addressed and reset. ?It is my experience that life?s biggest challenges are also its greatest gifts as they point us to the changes we need to make.??This is very clear in the field of health where the body expresses its well being or lack of it through increasingly serious symptoms, which need to be heard and redressed rather than repressed.


  • All emotional or physical lack of wellbeing e.g.
    • weight loss or gain
    • gastro-itestinal issues
    • PMT
    • menopause
    • UTI?s ?pregnancy
    • diabetes
    • migraines
    • asthma
    • eczema and other skin problems
    • depression
    • anxiety etc.


In her?practice she often uses a range of diagnostic laboratory tests including food intolerance tests, stool tests, adrenal stress tests etc to investigate issues that present during the consultation. ?She also uses the consultation to build an emotional picture of the client.? Symptoms that have traditionally been seen as purely psychological are increasingly being shown to also be the result of a lack of good nutrition on the one hand coupled with a build up toxicity on the other. Conversely, stress and emotional trauma produce hormones and chemical messengers that unequivocally have a profound knock on effect on physical health. Understanding the complex relationship between emotion and physical states is key to what she does and plays an important role in formulating the solution.


“Josie has worked wonders for me. I was almost untreatable, and I had all the doctors baffled with my myriad of symptoms: They could neither diagnose or offer me any kind of treatment.?Josie immediately restored my spirit and gave me hope, treating me entirely naturally, teaching me a new way of life and a new way of living, one that I hope to embrace for the rest of my days.?From a psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical perspective, Josie understands the nature of illness, she understood the journey I had to embark upon and she helped give me the tools, as well as a treatment plan. I have followed her orders to the letter and I have got the results.Today I feel like a different man, I am being restored, slowly but surely.?Josie has totally transformed my life.” ??Nick Grosso (playwrite)

“Out of the blue I developed quite severe gut problems. Six months in, with the GP?s???elp” and various experiments nothing was improving. My quality of life was impaired and quite a struggle. A lucky coincidence led me to Josie. It was such a blessing. Her help with dietary changes, her advice and unfailing support throughout the last few months has resulted in unbelievable improvements which are ongoing. The addition of her humour too has been a tonic. My energy levels have been better than when I was much younger. Nutritional medicine has become fascinating. I now look forward to the future knowing that effective help is there should I need it.? I unhesitatingly recommend Josie to everyone who wishes to gain optimum health regardless of age or regardless of what ails them.” ??Liz Hodgeson (ex headmistress)

“We came to see Josie as my daughter had just come through a very stressful time in her life. She had dropped a huge amount of weight and was struggling to sleep too.? Josie gave us so much time and care and immediately put us both at ease . She has such a gentle yet positive manner and a wealth of ideas and information. I would totally recommend anyone see Josie, she is such a fantastic practitioner, incredibly caring and knowledgeable.” ??Anya Sizer (mother)

“Josie helped me at a critical time of my life, immediately after genetic testing and news of the BRCA1 gene. She was reassuring, suggesting a multiplicity of supplements and actions I could take to decrease the chance of breakdown of DNA and also helped me bring some sense of control back into my life. She is a wonderful and inspirational naturopath that I have no hesitation in recommending.” ??Dr Desiree Saddik (Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist)