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90 mins = ?120

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About Ken Eyerman

Ken has worked in America as a movement therapist, having studied dance and psychology. He is trained in Awareness Through Movement and as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Ken has worked as a bodyworker and a teacher at the Easlen Institute in California and has been based in the UK since 1980 where he worked with the London Contemporary Dance School as a bodyworker in residence.

He teaches Yoga with Awareness and bodywork internationally. Ken is also the author of a practical and inspirational book entitled “MASSAGE”. The Ken Eyerman School of Bodywork and Movement is affiliated to The Insitute of Contemporary Medicine.

The Eyerman Technique

Energetic re-patterning through movement and touch.

The Eyerman Technique is a unique synthesis of bodywork, based on years of experience utilizing influences from Feldenkrais, Polarity Therapy, Yoga and Deep Tissue massage, in which Ken works intuitively through the use of his hands to council not only the physical, but the mental and emotional body. Sessions are gentle and yet deep as Ken works with you rather than for you, through the movement of the body centre and attune you to the constant flow of life energy that is essential for maintaining stable health and a clear mind.

What it is best for ? 

Whether you have a particular injury or ailment that needs attending to or you’re just in need of a tune up, the Eyerman Technique can adhere to all needs.

Press Release

Evening Standard “The top ten guide to massages” 18/04/06

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