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City sports Massage

Sports & Remedial Massage
Pain/stress relief, mobility and enhanced body awareness.

Sports and remedial massage is a no-nonsense massage that deals directly and efficiently with the muscles. It is so-called simply because it is a style of massage popular with sports people. We all have challenges, sporty or not – physical, mental and emotional, so it is entirely appropriate that we give our bodies the quality of treatment that elite performers receive!

This massage though takes it’s cue from you. You’re in charge. From as light as a feather to as heavy as you can handle. It’s up to you.? This treatment will stretch and lengthen tight muscles and make your body feel lighter and refreshed.

And if you’re not sure how ‘heavy’ a treatment you want? You needn’t worry – you’re in experienced, intuitive hands that will quickly get a feel of what is ‘right’.

And you won’t hear any whale music, that’s a promise.

What it is best for

This treatment is ideal for anyone seeking relief from muscular discomfort – and especially pain caused by postural issues, injuries and stress. Clients include TV cameramen, pregnant mums,body-builders, office-workers and everyone in between. You will learn stretching, mobility and breathing techniques, which will maintain and maximize the beneficial effects of each session as well as enhancing your ‘body awareness’. This can be a vital step in maintaining a pain free body. Relaxation techniques are incorporated into the treatment where appropriate.

Jon Gee began his career by running away to the circus to perform high on the trapeze. It was at the circus that he began to learn the rigging skills that would allow him to travel far and wide, working on operas, car launches and rock concerts. After a career change Jon founded City Sports Massage in 2004.

Arianna Casciaro is a multi-skilled sports massage therapist, teaching Pilates matwork and ballet across Europe. She is also a talented translator – fluent in Italian, French, German, Spanish and of course English. Her soft-spoken nature and calm exterior belies her iron elbows, which, when need dictates, are able to keep the toughest athlete placated on the massage bench!

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