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Jo Ellen Wisnosky

Deep Tissue/Eastern Blends/Holistic Massage

Soundwave Bodywork

Deep Tissue Massage is applied to the deeper, core muscle layers of the body using elbow, thumb, finger and fist pressure. Deep tissue work helps with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation. Stretching and sports techniques can be added to enhance performance and recuperation before and after an event.

Eastern Blends/Indian Head Massage applies eastern techniques to release discomfort, rebalance energy and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities.? The techniques apply comfortable pressure to points along the acupressure meridians while rhythmically pressing, shaking, grasping, lifting and rolling various parts of the body, loosening joints and muscles, and aiding circulation.? Indian head massage focuses on relieving tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

Holistic Massage is a smooth, flowing style that relieves muscular tension, promotes general relaxation, improves circulation and range of movement, increases flexibility, relaxes the nervous system, and stimulates the skin.? Can be given lightly or with depth, depending on client’s preference.

What is best for

All massage is tailored to an individual’s needs but more specifically each might help the following:

Deep Tissue Massage: Chronic Tension, Stress-related conditions, Sciatica, Neck and Back Tension, Injury Rehabilitation, Muscular Overuse

Eastern Blends/Indian Head Massage: Headaches, Stress-related conditions, Stiff Neck, Acute Injuries, Improving alertness of the mind, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines, Digestive problems
Holistic Massage: Relaxation, Sleep disorders, Rejuvenating skin, Improving overall well being.

Jo Ellen Wisnosky has practiced therapeutic massage in both the USA and the UK, and is a registered member of the International Guild of Professional Practitioners and the American Massage Therapy Association.? In addition to massage, she is currently a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture; for more info please visit: She caters for physically active people, those who encounter stress and tension at work, and those who are seeking a balance in their life of mind, body and spirit. She has a love for the ocean and its natural surroundings, and feels this has an influence on her work. She surfs as much as possible in her spare time…