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Jeremy Unwin

Acupuncture, Tui Na, Chinese Herbal Medicine & Deep tissue massage

Every aspect of ourselves is important.? To leave one aspect out would not be holistic

Jeremy R.Unwin has worked in the complementary medicine field as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki Master, and has travelled and practiced around the four corners of the globe.? He specialises in assisting people in understanding the emotional, psychological, and physical reasons why their bodies develop illness, and is recognised for his ability to work within the models of the ancient Buddhist, Chinese, Japanese medical traditions.

The therapies he practices include acupuncture, cupping, diet recommendations, ancient and modern forms of physical therapy such as sports massage, energetic work, meditation and visualisations. A complete treatment may combine any or all of the above methods based on the needs of the individual.

Jeremy is a central point, with an intuitive understanding of body, mind and spiritual issues.? He helps to show you that you possess the inner strength to turn your situation around, if only you will utilise it. This includes the healing of chronic pain, acute conditions, and mental blocks to your overall well being.

Removing pain, fatigue, and other energetic and physical blocks in the body, uplifting the energy and the spirit, strengthening the body and mind, and re-establish your connection with universal energy and your internal sun, are all encompassed in Jeremy’s work. for more info please visit: