45 min – ?50

Alexander Technique 

Improve your posture and eliminate lower back pain

The Alexander Technique is a method of teaching people to use their body in a more efficient way in order that they can reverse chronic pain. It was invented by Australian FM Alexander who observed that he habitually employed unnecessary mannerisms and tension when engaged in many daily activities. Having taught himself to use his body without these tensions he then taught other people to do the same, many of whom consequently overcame long-standing health issues such as back pain and RSI.

What is it best for ? 

Alexander technique is highly effective in these areas:

-Getting rid of lower back pain

-Improving your posture

-Teaching you how to use your body with less tension

-Minimising joint pain-either chronic or from old injuries


“I had a wonderful experience today at the workshop with James. I felt as if I had a completely different body than the one I’ve lived with my whole life. I experienced a new physical body-a transformed body, and then I felt a new mental awareness and a feeling of many faculties expanding and widening. Today was wonderful.”

– Mike, Nagoya, Japan 2013