Zero Balancing therapy at Natureworks London

About Jeff Lennard

Jeff Lennard is a certified practitioner and teacher of Zero Balancing.  Jeff took his first Zero Balancing class in 1991 and Certified in 1994. He graduated as a teacher 1996. He was trained by the founder Dr. Fritz Smith MD and teaches internationally. 

His expertise in zero balancing has featured in numerous publications including the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, the Financial Times, the Independent, the Evening Standard and other health related journals (articles/ details available at reception). Jeff has twenty-five years experience as a practitioner and teacher in the wider field of Eastern and Western forms of bodywork and movement.  

Jeff chaired the Zero Balancing Association for 16 years and has Co-ordinated the Certification Programme since 1999. He is Chair of The Education Committee and a board member of the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation.

?It sounds rather dramatic, but on finishing the session I have never laid as comfortably in own skin as on that day? ? Kelly Gilbert for VOGUE

After a session you will feel:
  • Improved structural alignment
  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • Relief from chronic and/or acute muscle tension
  • Graceful, easier movement
  • Peace of mind
  • Heightened creativity
  • Emotional balance
  • Uplifting of spirit

About Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing serves as an antidote to our modern pressurised and stressful world. It supports the innate wellness beneath illness, pain, grief and distress. Resent research into Zero Balancing confirmed an average stress reduction of 61% during a 30-minute session versus 12% stress reduction for clients during an equivalent rest period. This approach works with the whole body during a session rather than one area, the focus is on the bones and joints.

?I have worked at Natureworks for over 25 years, my clients come from all walks of life. A lot of them are Dancers, Pilates Teachers, Gyrotonic Instructors. The common factor is they all rely on their bodies for their work. The way I work affords them the opportunity not only to feel better but also to understand what has been happening to them.? ? Jeff Lennard


Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays


60min: £80

What it is best for?

Zero Balancing is especially effective in dealing with stress (including the normal day-to-day pressures of modern life), physical pain or injury, long term recurring patterns in the body, emotional trauma and ultimately as a powerful tool for the maintenance of well-being and the prevention of ?dis-ease?.

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Click HERE to read Jeff Lennard Featured in Dancing Times – Article by Debbie Malina and HERE to read an other interview of Jeff.

Why do I do this?

Having studied various forms of massage, I found the sophistication of Zero Balancing enabled me to work at a completely new and deeper level. Addressing the energy of the body as well as the structure opened up another dimension.

Energy in this context refers to the subtle holding patterns we impose upon ourselves for many different reasons. The body will tighten to prevent painful movements after an injury, but often after the injury is gone the body is still in a chronic holding pattern. Sometimes the pain of long forgotten injuries come back when we are very stressed, the body is reproducing patterns through learnt behaviour.

Zero Balancing has provided me with some sophisticated tools to help understand and release these held tensions. Over the years I have seen a lot of clients who have been sent to me as a last resort. I love the challenge and have helped many clients.

Health is expressed as motion and the osteopath will release the restriction (physical or emotional) allowing the body to function as a ?whole?. A feeling of connectedness and wellbeing commences.

Zero Balancing session by Jeff Lennard


?I was cured from 10 years of pain of getting on my horse after 3 sessions with Jeff!? ? Olivia Haywood

?As a freelance dancer and gyrotonic instructor, I see Jeff regularly. His work helps me to understand, accept and heal my instrument? ? A.D (dancer)

?Having worked as a Nurse for many years I became used to frequent back and muscle pains. I found osteopaths to involve quite physically intensive treatment. I was fortunate that a friend recommended Jeff and Zero Balancing as an alternative. I was not aware of ZB or Jeff , but by the end of my first session I could appreciate the finer and more precise movements of ZB and could feel the physical relief. Not long after starting to see Jeff I was able to reduce the number of times I required treatment. For two years now I have been merely needing top up sessions every couple of months. Jeff always takes time to give examples of how my problems are starting and how and when to take corrective measures. It is the relaxed informal relationship I believe comes from Jeff’s knowledge and expertise of the human body.  I have still the same job and I?m getting older too. The real long lasting benefit of ZB for me has been to the changes it has helped me make with postural and lifestyle changes along with quick and easy exercises.? ? Dan