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Claudia Ferreira

Acupuncture and Clinical Sports Massage

Straight to the point pain and stress management!

Having practiced for several years in London’s most reputable clinics, I now join Natureworks to introduce a link between Eastern and Western Medical Traditions.? The western approach comes with deep muscle, joint manipulation and stretches for a release of chronic or acute aches and pains.? This is called Clinical Sports Massage which I have studied and practiced extensively throughout the years.? This practice is now combined with the ancient tradition of Chinese Medicine, using Acupuncture, cupping therapy and moxa therapy.? This combination is a complete method that accesses the vital individual essence (QI), helping the body to self heal and therefore obtain an internal equilibrium.? These two practices emerge with intent to modify and rectify an imbalanced system, therefore treating both energetically and physically the pathology of the client.

What it is best for
*All sports injuries
*Chronic back pain
*Anxiety / Stress
*Digestive disorders

Born in Brazil and raised for most of my teenage years in America, my upbringing led me to travel extensively, living and working in several different countries.? This has given me valuable insight and understanding of other cultures and helped me to come in contact with a variety of therapeutic skills.? My desire to work as a therapist came from 12 years of competitive swimming at Olympic level.? My body constantly had to be ‘fixed’ and therefore, from a young age, health and fitness became a conscious and important part of my everyday life.? It was whilst living in London that I decided to study massage full time.? I took a course in sports injury massage and then a degree in Acupuncture.? During my Acupuncture degree, I built up a clientele for massage, and slowly began to introduce my Acupuncture techniques in my sessions.? Today I am a professional masseuse and acupuncturist combining both practices into one session.