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About Caroline Dale

Caroline is a full-time practitioner and a certified member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. She is currently Chair of the Society’s Training Course Committee and has also served as a Council member.

Caroline began having lessons in 1996 in her search for relief from a frozen shoulder and RSI. After a series of lessons, the symptoms had all but gone and she found herself to be deeply interested in the principles underlying Alexander’s discoveries. Not only had they alleviated the disorders that were seriously impacting on her own body and general health, but she recognised the wider implications for the work in many areas of people’s lives.

Caroline offers a variety of ways for you to learn the technique including individual sessions, group classes and more specialist courses including stress management, parent classes, teenager’s posture classes and pregnancy support.

Helping you to feel more comfortable in your body 


Most of us hold unnecessarily high levels of mental and physical tension during the day and this can often be the underlying cause of physical pain, ongoing anxiety, postural changes and other problems.

During your session, Caroline uses a subtle and skillful touch to correct unconscious tension patterns whilst you perform simple everyday activities. At the same time, your body is encouraged to remember its natural ability to move with poise, grace and efficiency.

Our natural design enables us to sit, stand, walk and do a multitude of activities without our bodies feeling uncomfortable or under stress.

A short course of classes provides you with a powerful self-management skill that you can continue to apply long after you have finished your classes.

What it is best for ? 

The Alexander Technique is scientifically proven to be effective for chronic lower back pain. A major study of 579 people, which completed in 2008, reported the average number of days in pain having been reduced from 21 to 3 and the results being maintained a year later.

The Technique can also be effective for neck and shoulder tension, RSI, anxiety, confidence building, injury prevention and many other difficulties where underlying tension is the source.

People who want to improve their posture often seek out the Technique. Good posture is the result of muscular co-ordination – not strength. The Technique subtly encourages the body to re-align itself and thereby correct its own postural imbalances.