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About Caroline Brahan

Caroline Braham has practiced bodywork in London for over ten years. She is a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner and training Mentor. Her professional education also includes the Hakomi Method, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, and Deep Tissue Massage. Caroline is especially interested in encouraging self-empowerment and uses her experience, skill and compassion to discover and meet the needs of each individual. Caroline is a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP), Hellerwork International (HI), and the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).

B.R.C.P – H.I & I.A.S.I

Hellerwork Structural Integration, Hakomi Method of Assisted, Self-Study Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement.

Restoring agility, alignment and awareness using touch, movement and dialogue.

HELLERWORK is a unique and powerful combination of deep-tissue structural bodywork, movement education and dialogue. The bodywork is a systematic ‘hands on’ process working with the connective tissue to realign the entire musculo-skeletal structure, restoring balance and ease to the body. Dialogue assists in exploring how thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings impact the body. The movement education introduces ways that minimize effort and tension.

HAKOMI is an experiential method of bodymind therapy based on using a state of mind known as ‘mindfulness’ for assisted self-study. The method is founded on the idea that ?consciousness is choice? and that habitual behaviours are generated by beliefs, attitudes, and past experiences that are mostly outside of consciousness. By bringing into awareness the ideas that inform how we live and how we relate to others, it becomes possible to make positive changes.

FELDENKRAIS Awareness Through Movement lessons involve verbally guided sequences of precisely structured movements. These safe, gentle, relaxing non-impact movements encourage optimal skeletal alignment, physical mobility and a pain-free life.

What it is best for ? 


Offers fuller and easier breathing; improved postural alignment; increased length and ease in the body; freedom from chronic pain and injuries; enhanced flexibility in movement; reduced stress and tension; expanded energy, vitality & aliveness.


Invites deeper self-understanding, healthier living and happier relationships. The point of the method is to reduce unnecessary suffering.


Awareness Through Movement can relieve stiffness and chronic pain; help eurological conditions such as MS or stroke; improve physical functioning for dancers and athletes.


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