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Mahala has been dancing since she was 2 years old: ballet, jazz, tap, Scottish Country dance.?? She did her BA (Hons) Performing Arts Dance at LIPA, before doing the 1 Year Certificate at London Contemporary Dance School.? Unfortunately she never got the chance to dance professionally due to injury, however it was her recovery process which inspired me to look into Sports Massage Therapy. Mahala has been a Sports Massage Therapist for 8 years at Natureworks where she has seen people with a variety of professions, including many dancers.



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What Mahala says; Having been a dancer myself I know that dancers tend to ?work through? injuries with the belief that they will ?dance it off?.? It is true that very minor muscle strains and ligament sprains can recover in their own time, and gentle movement and strengthening can aid the healing process.? However I emphasise the word ?gentle? as it is important not to overstress the damaged tissue fibres as they are weaker and more prone to further injury than usual.With more serious tissue strains and sprains it is important to give the fibres a ?recovery period?.? Since more fibres are damaged, continuing to dance on the injury could potentially cause further injury to these fibres, as well as overworking the undamaged surrounding fibres ?



It is during this ?recovery period? that Sports Massage can be extremely beneficial in speeding up the healing process.? When fibres heal, new granulation tissue is laid down in a haphazard way by the body?s natural healing process.? Massage helps to realign these tissue fibres, making the end product stronger and more flexible.? Massage also brings blood to the area, which carries the essential healing elements.? Sports massage includes stretching of the muscles, which when performed correctly also aids strengthening and flexibility of the fibres.? Finally, due to increasing the circulation, and by releasing tight granulation tissue, Sports Massage helps to reduce swelling and pain.

One of the most important ways massage can help dancers is by preventing injuries from happening in the first place, by keeping the tissues at their optimal potential so they can work efficiently and effectively to improve your endurance, strength and flexibility as a dancer.


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