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Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Is offering 50% off your ?rst session and a free 10mins phone consultation.

Sometimes it?s not easy to ask for help. However,?an experienced therapist can help you to turn a crisis into an opportunity for change.
Therapy can provide a safe and non-judgmental space?where you can bring your concerns, express your feelings and explore dif?cult situations.?

You may be experiencing depression, a sense of isolation, anxiety or?negative thoughts.?You may be struggling after a traumatic event.

Maybe you are having relationship problems.?You have tried everything?you know but still ?nd yourself repeating old patterns.

Perhaps you are coping with stress or life transitions, unsure of what direction to take. Maybe you are not in a state of crisis but are simply searching for some answers and feel you could bene?t from professional guidance.

If you relate to the above, you are not alone; most people encounter dif?culties in the course of their lives. Therapy can help you to understand and cope with life?s challenges. It can help you develop?the con?dence to change what is not?working for you and to draw?more deeply?on your own qualities and strengths.?

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My Approach ?

I have been practising as a psychotherapist for 13 years, helping people with a wide range of emotional and psychological dif?culties. ?

I have studied and observed how people act and feel, what drives them to make certain choices and how they relate to one another. I have seen what is helpful and what makes us feel stuck and lose hope. ?

I don’t view emotional problems as a sign of inadequacy but as an opportunity for transformation. It is with this in mind that I work with each individual, helping them identify and use their unique potential to overcome their challenges and achieve long-lasting changes. Some things cannot be changed, particularly past events, but it is possible to outgrow them.

Therapy is often seen as a journey of discovery into the inner world of thoughts and feelings but it is also a journey into the unconscious: that deep-seated part of ourselves that is by nature inaccessible to the conscious mind. It is the exploration of the unconscious that leads to insights into negative patterns and dif?culties. ?

This approach reaches beyond the conscious mind and the personality. It helps us to understand symptoms as signs of deeper needs. In this way your innermost voice can be heard. ?

What happens during the session?

We will discuss your needs and concerns. We will then talk about what you can expect from therapy and how it could be of bene?t to you.? You will be able to tell your story and together we will examine your situation and your life as a whole, working towards an agreed goal.

For more information please visit Viviane?s website or call her on 07711152411.

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