Natureworks Therapist Feature- Marion Beauregard?



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Marion Teacher Feature


Marion Beauregard is originally from France and settled down in the United Kingdom in 2008.?Her interest in complementary therapies developed through travelling and living in different parts of the world.?Marion’s natural interest in learning about other cultures led her to discover other ways of healing and triggered her career change from marketing to becoming a professional complementary therapist.


“I am passionate about my work and truly care about my clients. I like spending some time getting to know my client, carrying out a thorough consultation, understanding his/her needs, expectations and goals in order to offer the best suited treatment. If agreed with my?clients, I often mix and match treatments to enhance the results. Clients come to me for the quality of my treatments, my professionalism, my authenticity and my caring and personable approach.?

Introducing Sophrology into my life has been an eye opener. Amongst many other things, it has taught me?how to relax both physically and mentally and how to use my positive resources to achieve my potential,?hence allowing me to live happily in the present moment and approach the future in a serene and positive?way.?I practice daily and have never felt as empowered, alive and aligned with my values than I am today. I believe everyone has the power within themselves to live in harmony with their body,their mind and the?world surrounding them.Life is a wonderful gift and an amazing journey and I am delighted and grateful to be able to share this with?my clients and help them achieve optimum well-being.”
Sophrology?is a structured method which improves the person?s physical and mental state by increasing awareness of body and mind through practicing a series of exercises which include muscular relaxation, breathing, body movements and visualisations.?All techniques are designed to make the client independent in their practice. Sophrology provides them with a toolbox of techniques that they can easily re-use in their everyday personal and professional lives.
Swedish massage?Relaxing yet invigorating massage using long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration and shaking motions to release body tension and promote physical and mental relaxation.
Reflexology?Treatment stimulating reflexes in the feet to release blockages and restore free flow of energy and blood circulation to the whole body.



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