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Osteopathy ?is ?a ?system ?of ?diagnosis ?and ?treatment ?for ?a ?wide ?range ?of ?medical ? conditions. ?Most ?people ?consider ?Osteopath?s ?as ??back ?specialists? ?however ?they ?treat ?all ? areas ?of ?the ?body ?from ?feet ?and ?knees ?to ?shoulders ?and ?elbows, ?even ?the ?jaw ?(TMJ). Osteopathic ?treatment ?works ?with ?the ?structure ?and ?function ?of ?the ?body, ?and ?is ?based ? on ?the ?principle ?that ?the ?well ?being ?of ?an ?individual ?depends ?on ?the ?skeleton, ?muscles, ? ligaments ?and ?connective ?tissues ?functioning ?smoothly ?together ?whilst ?considering ? other ?factors ?that ?may ?effect ?the ?healing ?process ?such ?as ?environmental ?stresses ?and ? nutrition. ?Osteopathy ?aims ?to ?increase ?the ?mobility ?of ?joints, ?relieve ?muscle ?tension, ?and ? enhance ?the ?blood ?and ?nerve ?supply ?to ?tissues ?to ?restore ?your ?body ?to ?a ?state ?of ? balance, ?where ?possible ?without ?the ?use ?of ?surgery.

Your ?first ?meeting ?will ?involve ?a ?detailed ?confidential ?case ?history, ?followed ?by ?a ?physical ? examination ?which ?in ?some ?cases ?may ?require ?you ?to ?move ?around ?or ?remove ?surface ? layers ?of ?clothing ?to ?assist ?in ?establishing ?a ?clear ?and ?thorough ?diagnosis ?(please ?wear ? clothing ?you ?are ?comfortable ?in). ?Once ?a ?diagnosis ?is ?established ?treatment ?can ?proceed and ?the ?number ?of ?treatments ?required ?discussed. Osteopathy ?utilises ?a ?wide ?range ?of ?techniques ?including ?massage, ?joint ?mobilization, ? physical ?manipulation ?and ?stretching. ?This ?breadth ?of ?approach, ?careful ?listening ?and ? observation ?of ?the ?precise ?needs ?of ?the ?individual, ?ensures ?treatment ?is ?directed ? towards ?helping ?facilitate ?your ?body?s ?own ?healing ?mechanisms. ?Osteopaths ?may ?also ? provide ?advice ?on ?posture ?and ?exercise ?to ?aid ?recovery, ?promote ?health ?and ?prevent ? symptoms ?recurring. ?Osteopathy ?is ?a ?natural ?and ?safe ?way ?of ?treatment ?that ?relieves ?the ?symptoms ?of ? discomfort ?whilst ?seeking ?to ?identify ?the ?cause.



What to expect when visiting an osteopath


For more information visit:?The General Osteopathic Council?or?The British Osteopathic Association?



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