Hakomi Method & Hellerwork


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Caroline Braham

Hakomi Method is a?therapeutic self-study method for transforming unhelpful unconscious beliefs and automatic behaviour patterns that control everyday reactions in life. Hakomi draws on neuroscience, psychotherapy, and spirituality. Through mindfulness with a skillful guide, healing occurs from the inside out. Can help with safety, belonging, support, freedom, control, stress.?Hellerwork is a powerful and unique combination of deep tissue structural integration of body work, movement and education. Hellerwork re-conditions the whole body on many levels. Deep tissue bodywork addresses muscle tension; posture; and skeletal alignment. Movement assessment and re-education is for daily self-maintenance. Attention to the body and mind connection attends to the emotions and ideas held in the tissues. Hellerwork is designed around a comprehensive series of sessions.

A hands on therapy which can help to improve postural alignment, improve energy, improve vitality, ease of movement, movement related to dance or sport, chronic tension and pain




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