Lomolomi Hawaiian Massage

90 minutes, Lomolomi Massage ?110

Deep Tissue & Holistic Massage

90 minutes, ?85
60 minutes, ?60

Aromatherapy Massage

90 minutes, ?90
60 minutes, ?65


60 minutes, ?90

Smoking Cessation ? one session 2 hours ?250

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Holistic Therapist MCHP, C&G Diploma Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapy

Lomolomi Hawaiian Massage
A unique, 90 minute, healing massage, derived from the ancient Polynesians & master healers of Hawaii. Lomilomi is characterised by long, continuous, flowing strokes from shoulder to foot. It works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, relaxing the entire being, assisting in a letting go of old beliefs, patterns & behaviours that cause limitations that are stored in the cells of our body. Hawaiians look at things in terms of energy flow, so, an idea or belief can block energy flow as much as muscle tension can. Lomilomi helps release blockages, whilst at the same time giving the energy new direction. Lomilomi is not just a physical experience; it also facilitates healing on mental, emotional & spiritual levels.
Unique aspects include not only the deep, continuous, flowing moves all around the entire body, that includes the pressure of the therapists forearms, but also the Hawaiian blessings that are made to start and close a treatment. Pressure through the forearms may lead to the feeling of gentle waves rolling over the body. A loincloth replaces underwear so the client?s modesty is always covered. Only the breasts and sides of glutes are left uncovered? only the sternum in between the breast is flowed over and the breasts are not touched. The loincloth means the glutes, the largest muscles, can be massaged. Under body strokes are also unique and help to free energy blockages, promoting free and abundant flow of energy in the client.

As with all massage the intention of the therapist is of absolute importance. Every stroke means to bring the best outcome and influence strongly yet gently, the optimum wellbeing on a body and soul level, which in turn has a balancing emotional effect, under the care of the lomolomi therapist. Bring balance and the spirit of Aloha into your life.

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Deep Tissue & Holistic Massage
Full body, back, neck & shoulders, or tailored for the individual. Treatment pressure to suit you. Eases muscular aches, tension, knots & adhesions. Improves joint mobility & optimises all the body systems ? circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune, digestive, endocrine & lymphatic. Removes toxins, optimises immunity & encourages feelings of well-being.
?Exquisite?5* Service?Wonderful!..Heaven!.. pair of expert hands ? my shoulder & neck problems have greatly improved under Tessa?s hands ? I could touch my toes and could sleep again after one treatment?

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy harnesses the therapeutic actions & properties of essential oils, extracted from plants & fowers. Essential oils are applied using massage, considering the individual?s physical & emotional symptoms. The aromatherapist selects essential oils & combines them in a synergistic blend, to alleviate imbalances including stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, irregular BP, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammations, palpitations, respiratory problems, to name a few. Nature at its best. Full body or focusing on back, neck & shoulders. Treatment can either be traditional and a very gentle application of essential oils, or Tessa?s signature treatment is a deep tissue pressured application of the essential and base oils.

Usui Reiki
?Rei-ki? means ?universe? & ?energy? ? the life energy that flows through all living things. Of Japanese origin, Usui Reiki is a restorative healing method that flows through the attuned practitioner?s touch, to allow harmony of the physical, spiritual & emotional, balancing the chakras, allowing healing & the abundance of well-being we all deserve. Heightens our ability to manage stress. Brings spiritual equilibrium. Sometimes we just need help and this help can be gentle and non-invasive in the form of Reiki. Tessa can also help with affirmation creation that can be integrated into the therapy session and then everyday life.

Tessa offers hypnotherapy sessions for Increased Confidence, Stress Reduction & Anxiety.
Hypnotherapy can also be added at the end of a massage or reiki treatment where the greater the state of relaxation, the deeper the hypnotic trance and the better the hypnotic suggestions can work with your subconscious beliefs.
Tessa is undertaking further study in Clinical Hypnotherapy with The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.