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Qualified and experienced Reflexologist
and Grinberg Method Practitioner ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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Offering 50% off 60 minute Reflexology and Grinberg Method treatments

Discover how?Reflexology or Grinberg Method?can support you with your wellbeing, challenges and health this Spring. Charlotte is offering 60 minute 1:1 sessions for ?37.50 when you book an appointment before 15th May 2015. Contact?Charlotte on 07463 861218 or email?[email protected]

Sessions are useful for acute pain, injuries and symptoms as well as longer-term concerns. Over time you will gain an overall higher level of wellbeing through increased vitality, a reduced level of stress, an improved ability to concentrate, a higher quality of sleep and digestion, and diminished strength and frequency of symptom occurrences. As you increase your body attention you will develop your ability to:
  • Improve your health and wellbeing in a natural and practical way
  • Stop unnecessary and harmful patterns in daily life
  • Choose how you respond to any given situation
  • Focus your energy and attention to what?s important to you


Reflexology is precise pressure to points?in the feet or hands which correspond to all parts of the body. Stimulating these points activates your body?s natural ability to relax, repair, and regenerate. Sessions are a platform for you to discover how to make a difference to your well-being and can provide specific care for the feet and their? conditions or disorders.

Grinberg Method uses touch techniques, description tools and instructions to teach you how to relax, quiet your mind and focus. You will learn how to shift your attention to your body. Once you are more present and aware of your body experience, you will learn to be attentive to what you do automatically in the body which limits what you wish to change or accomplish. Each time you stop your automatic response, you will have a healthier, more adaptable body and discover simple and new options when approaching your specific challenges.
Charlotte has combined her experience to found?Learn to be well, a practice dedicated to teaching others how to?manage and recuperate themselves. Learn to be well?was born from a need to learn how to improve my own health and?wellbeing, develop my talents, have healthier relationships, and live life more. The frustration of having little clue of what I could really do for my injuries, symptoms or unease led me to find the approaches and benefits Reflexology and Grinberg Method offer. Since 2007 I have strived towards each person finding their own clarity, strength and independence to foster the health, wellbeing, and performance they want.”
Qualifications: BA Fine Art (1st Class Hons) University of Oxford, Level 3 ABC Reflexology Diploma, International Grinberg Method Diploma, Member of the Association of Reflexologists and International Association of Grinberg Method Practitioners.For more information please go to

Free 10-minute Consultations
Charlotte is open to any questions you may have and is happy to discuss how?Reflexology?or Grinberg Method?could support you. She offers free?10-minute consultations on the phone?or in person at Natureworks. Contact?Charlotte on 07463 861218 or email?[email protected]

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