Raw Food Expert &?Coach Lia Sokhi Shares Her

Seasonal Raw Food Recipes


Lia Sokhi In addition to working from Natureworks doing Abdominal Massage and Lymph Drainage, Lia Sokhi is the CEO and Founder at Raw Fest UK which is a regular festival held with expert talkers in the field of Raw Food, Health, Nutrition and Healing. Its aim is to?inspire, educate and coach people to live natural healthy lifestyles. Lia is a well known public speaker and coach on the London health circuit and she has given us these ?simple to make recipes to encourage us to start a healthy diet.



Warm Carrot & Orange Soup

Non-Stewed Apple

Hot Chocolate


2 medium carrots
(cut in to small pieces)

1 large orange or 2 small

1 inch cube of fresh ginger

Tsp ? ground tumeric

? Tsp ground cumin

? cup of cashews or ? avocado (this makes it creamy)

1/4 litre hot water



Apples, peeled and cut into rough pieces about 1 per person

1 tsp Cinnamon

? Cup of raisins or figs? (you can also soak some raisins in water and sprinkle on top)

Hot water
(Add about 1/2 cup of hot water per apple, and then more if it is too thick)



Raw Cacao Powder ?minimum of ? tsp per cup, or more if you want, it is very bitter. (can use purple corn flour if you don?t want the stimulating effect)

Coconut Nectar or date syrup, or another natural sweetener? (to taste)

Milk? (Cashew, Almond, Brazil, Hemp) 1 cup per person

Blend the orange in the hot water then add the carrots . Then add the other ingredients. Blend until the mixture thickens into a thick soup. Add more water if it is too thick. Serve immediately, or store until required, then gently warm when needed. This serves 1 large or 2 medium portions. ? Blend the ingredients with a little hot water, add ? cup of water to start then extra if it?s too thick.?This will make a scrummy stewed apple like dessert. ? Gently warm the milk (or use hot water to make the milk) and add the cacao powder (or purple corn) and the amount of coconut palm sugar you want.?To?mix well use a whisk?but?keep checking it’s not too hot using your finger then serve. You can sprinkle spices such as cinnamon over it.

Chia Porridge

Spicy Nuts


? cup Chia Seeds

1 cup of Hemp Milk or other dairy free milk

1 tsp Coconut Nectar or another natural sweetener (if you want it sweet)

Pinch Vanilla Powder

Pinch Ground Cinnamon


Cashews or other nuts (not peanuts)? (soaked in water over night)

Herb sea salt


Cayenne Pepper (this can be very hot so it’s optional but only?add a tiny amount)

If you use milled chia seeds (which is nicer) first warm the milk then whisk in the sweetener and chia seeds and you have instant porridge.?Leave for about 5 minutes before you eat to let?the seeds ?soak in the water. If you are using whole chia?seeds, add half hot water and half milk (or warm all the milk) and mix with the sweetener and flavour/spice, then whilst blending?on a slow setting, slowly add the chia seeds. When all are added. turn up the blender until it thickens, then serve and you have a lovely warm porridge. (To make instant milk: Blend in hot water the hemp seeds, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut sugar, this is the hemp milk, taste and add more if needed) Drain the soaked cashews, add the herb salt, and spices, mix well then spread out on a tray and dry them out in a dehydrator or oven on a very low heat for about 2 hours.??Give them a shake half way through. The drier they are the longer they will last.