Marconics No-Touch Healing 1 Hour:  ?85

Chakra Uncapping/Unification + No Touch Healing 2 Hours:  ?261

Marconics Recalibration (Human Upgrade) 1.5 Hour x 2:  ?333

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About Reiko & Noriko:

Reiko Mori and Noriko Honda are both Marconics teachers, qualified in 2017 in Boston, USA.  They are the only Marconics teachers in Europe.  Regular talk events in London.  Also run a Practitioner Certificate Course in London.

They Treat the Following Conditions:

  • Evolutionary Energy Healing for Trauma/Karma
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Activates DNA
  • Rise Frequency
  • Ascension tool for 5th dimension and above

What does it involve and how does it work ?

The Osteopath will take a thorough medical case history after which he will conduct a physical examination, which may involve clinical tests.  This will help the osteopath to establish the cause of the symptoms/dysfunction. Cranial osteopathic treatment involves using gentle pressure to assess the body?s areas of restriction and motion.

Health is expressed as motion and the osteopath will release the restriction (physical or emotional) allowing the body to function as a ?whole?. A feeling of connectedness and wellbeing commences.


“I had an unbelievable/unforgettable experience with Marconics session.  I could not stop laughing out loud hysterically during the session.  After the session, I remembered that I was not allowed to laugh in my childhood trauma.  Truly great session.” ? Mrs. N

“I had a Re-calibration session.  My body started moving by itself and I felt like I was floating from the massage table.  My life has just completely transferred after the sessions to a new era and feel so much stronger, grounded, opened up a new door to my real life purpose.” ? Mrs. R

More informations on the website www.marconics.com