Creative Development Therapy at Naatureworks

Creative Development Therapy

Therapists: Amanda McGregor

Creative Development therapy enables the individual to express themselves through creative means. CDT encompasses Art therapy which is a from of psychotherapy that uses art media to express communication through art. This can help with improve emotional well being, stress, self awareness, self esteem and develop interpersonal skills.

Crystal Healing at Natureworks

Crystal Healing

Therapists: Kei Nishirmura

Crystal healing is when various crystals and minerals are placed on or around an individual to promote relaxation. Helps to relieve stress, relieve pain and promote energy. Using Acupuncture points crystals are paced on points around the body.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Emotional Cord Cutting

Therapists: Kei Nishirmura

All of us are connected through invisible emotional cords through our invisible auric field around our physical bodies. Some cords drain your energy and transmit bad energy and thoughts to you from others which would not help your emotional, physical and energetic self. Cutting off these cords will lead you to regain your power and energy and you will become healthier and happier energetically and emotionally. Recommended if you split up, divorced or redundant or have troubles with others.

Psychic Healing at Natureworks

Psychic Healing

Therapists: Amanda Mcgregor, Kei Nishirmura

Psychic Healing is a powerful psychic and spiritual energy which is used to heal, clear and eliminate emotional and mental blocks. It can be used to clear worries about spiritual or psychic development. Can help with resolving childhood issues, dealing with health issues and providing spiritual nourishment.

Reiki at Natureworks


Therapists:Kei Nishirmura

Reiki/Usui Reiki has two main streams. One is Western Reiki emanated to the world from Japan and the other is the original Japanese Usui Reiki which retains the original high vibration and power to heal. You can receive this Japanese original Usui session and teaching by the Japanese Reiki Master Kei. Original Reiki has a high and pure vibration which is powerful enough to improve your mental, emotional and physical ailments and symptoms and you will gain peace and harmony within your physical body and mind.

Spiritual Counselling at Natureworks

Spiritual Counselling

Therapists: Kei Nishirmura

Spiritual Counselling takes the soul rather than the mind as it’s starting point of balance. A progressive form of Counselling which treats the whole person and encourages clients to expand an inner perspective of their problems. It can help with feeling more restored, gaining a stronger sense of self, gaining a renewed sense of clarity and gaining a new sense of purpose.

Tarot at Natureworks


Therapist: Amanda McGregor, Kei Nishirmura

Developed in the 15th century, tarot consists of 78 cards.  Each card represents a different a meaning to guide you through troubled thoughts and emotions. The Tarot can offer guidance in life’s journey. Each card  contains different images that is able to represent what is going on for the individual in their life. It can help with dealing with issues or conflicts, acting as a guide for everyday life, helping to listen to our intuitions.

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