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Natureworks Team wants to?thank every person who attended the?Spring?Open Day on 24th April.
Feedback is more than welcome. Simply email Rose to?[email protected]?and tell us what you thought of that experience.
Thank you!

They gave us their feedback:

“I had a remarkable session with Derek. As a dancer who was never happy with my limited extension , I was amazed that after a few exercises and minimal manipulation I was able to lift my leg higher than ever before!!!
I will be coming again after my solo exhibition in June.
Thanks so much”
Aimee – Danceworks took a taster session with Derek Gardner

“I had an incredibly enlightening ?Muscle Activation??session with Derek. The results were so obvious and instant that I thought to myself for a minute.. well this is just like magic. By pressing specific points in the body it felt like you could be reprogrammed for optimum performance and ability, in an instant. I felt so much lighter and realigned in my whole body and demonstrated increased strength and flexibility after just a taster session. I highly recommend this technique. Derek is very gentle and intuitive in his work and has clear passion for helping people achieve their very best. Powerful work!”
Marialine Cifre ? The Walt Disney Company?took a taster session with Derek Gardner