by Natureworks therapist Lia Sokhi


Who better to ask for nutritional tips than from our Lia Sokhi. As well as being a therapist working from Natureworks she founded Raw Fest in 2012 and this is the 5 th year that she has organised the festival.?

Why did Lia Sokhi start her festival ?

She felt inspired to start it to help educate, inspire and empower people to feel better, heal, recover and rejuvenate and also to have a safe, fun space to relax and enjoy. Her own personal raw food journey began in 2011 when she cured herself from an MS-like illness, where she was almost in a wheelchair .She is an expert speaker on health and nutrition, a raw food educator and chef .She practices and specialises in nutrition coaching. She also runs raw food classes, and leads the raw food community in London. Raw Fest 2016 will take place on 29th-31st July, Near Ascot,Berkshire.

?Veggie Shushi Recipe?
You will need:
– Nori sheets
– Mashed avocado or hummus or another spread
– Add thinly sliced vegetable, such as peppers, carrots, cucumber…
– Sauerkraut and alfalfa sprouts work well too
– Add green leaves
– Put the avocado/hummus on one side of the sheet. Add the vegetables?& leaves on top.
– Roll over from the full side and tightly roll until the end.
– Dab water on the edge of the sheet you want to stick together.
– Cut with a serrated knife (wet the knife it first for a clean cut)
– Cut in half or several pieces (or eat as a whole)
Tip: If you want it to last a few hours, put the leaves and dry vegan on first,
making sure nothing wet touches the sides, otherwise the seaweed goes soggy.