Bioresonance & Nutritional Medicine

Therapists: Julio da Costa

Originating in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell.  Bioresonance is an innovative holistic technique combining holistic principles using electrical non invasive technology that helps both diagnose and treat various conditions. Bioresonance can help to treat allergies, addiction and pain. The treatment uses the placement of electrodes which are placed on the surface of the skin. Electrical signals are transmitted through electrodes in order to clear blockages in the body. A healthy diet is needed along side this treatment.

Nutritional Therapy

Therapists: Julio da Costa

Nutritional therapy is a combination of science, bio chemistry and nutrition with naturopathy in order to return the individual to good health. Designed to treat the  whole body. Can help with digestive problems, skin conditions such as dry flaky skin acne, excema, asthma, joint aches, arthritis, PMS, mood swings, headaches and migraines, high blood pressure, and food intolerance?s. Also helps to improve moods, healthier hair and younger looking skin.

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