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You may have heard that breathing in the smell of lavender makes you drowsy; turns out, it’s true. Research shows the scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state. To ease stress and prepare for bed, soak in a hot bath spiked with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Play soothing music while you bathe to unwind further.


For dry skin, incorporate more avocados into your diet. ?They’re rich in monounsaturated fat and vitamin E, both of which promote healthy skin. Add them to salads on sandwiches, in smoothies or try this easy recipe:

Baked Egg in Avocado

Cut avocado in half, remove pit. If necessary scoop out some avocado to make room for egg.?

Crack eggs into a bowl. Place yolk and some egg white (with a spoon) into the avocado?s hole. Add Salt, Pepper and Seasoning (optional) and bake in oven on 200C for 13-15 minutes.


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reflexology PUT YOUR FEET UP

Reflexology is a therapy in which the thumbs and fingers are used on the individuals feet or hands. Using holistic principles reflexology is used to treat the mind, body and spirit, stimulating the reflex points in order to bring out a response to the corresponding part of the body. The aim is to re balance the whole of the being.

Reflexology at Natureworks and call 020 7629 2927 to book an appointment.

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We all have that leftover bottle of sunscreen lurking in the medicine cabinet, but it’s critical to start fresh each summer. “The active ingredients in sunscreens can lose their potency, so check the expiration date,” say dermatologists. Also remember to re-apply sunscreen frequently. Even though many brands claim to be waterproof, swimming, rubbing, or even sweating, will still eventually wear them off.

?sunscreen lotion in hand


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