Manuel (2)

Manual Waldner

Available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Deep Tissue – Sports – Remedial – Swedish and Holistic Massage


Member of the Aromatherapy and Allied Practitioners? Association.

Manuel?has practiced Sports and Holistic Massage for private and corporate clients?since 2009. Specialising in sports?massage; he works with clients to help overcome injury, treat muscular problems or simply relieve recurring aches and?tension. Manuel?s individually tailored treatments work across the body using a?blend of acupressure, trigger point and stretching. He is adept at working in conjunction?with Osteopathy and other medical professionals to provide tailor made rehabilitation planning?for his clients. He has worked closely with many athletes, dancers and clients in preparation for sporting events,?providing support & advice within their training programme. Manuel also has experience working onsite within a rugby club treating injuries pitch-side.?

Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue?or Holistic Massage

?35 for a 30 minute

?65 for a 60 minute

?90 for a 90 minute

Body Fix

?30?per session,?please allow 25?minutes per appointment


Mathilde Kon

Available Monday and Wednesday









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