Lyn Breakwell

She does: 

  • Myofascial release
  • Remedial and Deep Tissue massage
  • Reflexology
  • Dry Needling
  • Myofascial Taping
  • Reiki

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About Lyn Breakwell

With over a decade practising bodywork behind her, Lyn has developed an intuitive understanding of what each person needs to improve their well being or relieve their pain. Her job is her passion. With ongoing training she constantly deepens her knowledge of the body and increases the variety of treatments she can draw on to help people move more freely, feel more energised and relaxed, and enjoy life more fully. She loves a challenge, and many clients get referred to her to give them another angle on a problem that proves difficult to treat. It?s vital to people?s wellbeing or recovery that they play an active part ? no one leaves her treatment room without individual advice on exercises, movement, breathing and other self-help techniques. 

Lyn is a great believer in constantly developing her skills and has trained with some of the top practitioners in her specialist areas. Experts such as Art Riggs (remedial and deep tissue massage), Noah Karrasch (bodyworker), Ruth Duncan, Tom Myers and James Earles (myofascial release). She did a 2-year course in integrative counselling, is a qualified Personal Trainer and has practised yoga for over 30 years. She has learned much from treating people on overseas yoga retreats and sports camps. She incorporate all that these experiences have taught her about the mind and body in her work.

Five things define her approach:

  • Maintaining wellness is as important as treating injury.
  • Giving the right treatment depends on listening carefully ? with the ears and with the hands.
  • The body and mind are one ? helping people make connections between physical and emotional pain is vital to their long-term well being.
  • Search beyond the obvious for the source of pain ? for example, a problem in the right shoulder can have its source in the left hip.

Specialist areas

  • Maintaining and improving people?s general wellbeing
  • Relieving and preventing recurrence of stress-related pain
  • Healing chronic and acute sports and other injuries
  • Relieving and preventing recurrence of a wide range of posture-related problems
  • Alleviating pain and enabling movement in people with conditions such as fibromyalgia


?A wonderful combination of professionalism, deep competence and intuitive warmth. Lyn?s massages are an investment in my wellbeing and one of life?s small but precious pleasures.?

?Lyn had the knowledge and skill to enable me to recover both physically and psychologically from the trauma of my knee replacement operation.?