Luke Abnett Physiotherapist

Luke has a keen interest in treating:

  • Ballet-experienced Physiotherapist
  • Rehabilitation programmes for dance injuries
  • Facility improvement through hands on therapies and exercise routines
  • Vocal Physiotherapy for singers

Minimum age: 8 


Monday:  9:30am ? 11:30am

Tuesday:  12:00pm ? 3:30pm

Thursday:  3:00pm ? 6:00pm

Friday:  1:00pm ? 3:30pm

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About Luke Abnett 

Luke Abnett is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has specialised in Ballet and Dance. His knowledge of ballet technique helps him advise on safely maximising class participation with injuries, science-based rehabilitation exercises, and hands-on treatment to improve strength, flexibility and control.

He works with many un-injured dancers also, to maximise their facility to get the most out of each class.  Having also worked with various West End companies he knows his way around a contemporary dance injury too, and also provides Vocal Physiotherapy for singers.