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ZERO BALANCING – ?Transformation through stillness. A unique way of working with energy and structure. ?


Jeff Lennard is a certified practitioner and teacher of Zero Balancing. Jeff was trained by the founder of Zero Balancing Dr. Fritz Smith MD and teachers internationally. Jeff has over twenty-five year?s experience as a practitioner and teacher in the wider field of Eastern and Western forms of body work and movement. He is the chair of Zero Balancing Association.

Jeff comes?from a background of working with various forms of bodywork, learning about the body-mind connection, and felt there was more truth to be found in the body than in words, and became interested in movement and touch. Having investigated various forms of massage?he worked with Tai Chi for fifteen years, and then began studying zero balancing. In 1994?he was certified as a practitioner, becoming a teacher of the technique two years later.

Jeff has been a Natureworks therapist for over 15 years,

Maintaining integrity of the body is an important aspect of zero balancing, the subtle flow that is symbolised by grace? of movement, connectedness. When we injure ourselves the muscles tend to go into spasm to restrict movement in that area allowing time to heal. The after-effects of many injuries can throw the mechanical balance of the body out of kilter. Dancers often carry on through that period as best they can, this happens by relying on other muscles, compensating for the loss of mechanical freedom. Eventually the system breaks down or injuries show in other areas. Jeff find this work to be very effective in accessing old injury patterns, allowing them to be recognised by the client and released.WHAT JEFF’S CLIENTS SAY:?Zero Balancing is very suitable for dancers as it does not seek to manipulate nor is it intrusive, but it provides a framework in which practitioner and client can find solutions together. The effect from this tends to be much longer lasting than quick fix approaches as they can be integrated into a dancer?s practice? ?Susan Lahusen –Laban Movement Teacher

?My first session took me to a place where you go with a warm up, a place of connection and stillness. It allowed me to access deeper muscles and my core, from here I could express myself, creatively, artistically, technically and structurally.??Francesca Di Fonso -?Dancer

?Something that I very much appreciate about zero balancing is that it works in a very subtle, non invasive way on the integrity of body and mind. For performers who are generally already quite sensitive and aware of their bodies, this gentle, however profound therapeutic approach, allows for even more conscious movement whether this be mental, emotional or physical??Alice Weissbarth -?Movement Directorjeff 3



?As long as I can remember, I have been inspired by graceful movement; human expression is at its best whether on a football pitch or a dance floor. The first time I gave a session of zero balancing to a dancer was in 1994. A few days later one of her friends came to see me; she was also a dancer and in class had noticed there was more ease in her friend?s dancing. This led to the word spreading there was something different that worked well with dancers. It has been mutual. Dancers have been my greatest teachers. Most dancers I meet have a deep awareness of their bodies and this has provided wonderful insightful feedback allowing me to refine my work over the years.?Jeff Lennard? Jeff profile pic



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