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January is the perfect month to give your self some T.L.C. check out the below offers on?Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Natural Fertility, Nutrition and?Functional Muscle Testing

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Nutrition and Functional Muscle Testing Treatments

Nutrition and Functional Muscle testing – CNM

Alex has been?practising?Nutrition for over 5 years, as well as working as a freelancer for a supplement company, at their?nutrition education seminars for practitioners.

Alex uses gentle, non-invasive Functional Muscle Testing techniques to assess, investigate and correct subclinical and functional imbalances within the body?s operating systems.

Functional Muscle Testing can help to identify food intolerances, address digestion and absorption problems, and help evaluate and correct the nutritional needs of the body, i.e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc?

To book an appointment with Alex, phone the Natureworks? reception on 020 7629 2927 or email?[email protected]




? ?20 OFF ?Acupuncture treatments ?

Japanese & Chinese AcupunctureDaniel Schwager -?CNHC, MRSS, MAcuC?

“He is a healer in the true sense and I highly recommend him.”?Sting, Musician?Daniel has been a practitioner of Western physical therapies and Eastern healing systems ?since 1994 and has been practicing at Natureworks since 1999.??He has a wide-ranging work experience, including work with survivors of torture and people recovering from substance misuse. ??

Daniel is a member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society UK (M.R.S.S) and of the Oriental Medicine Professional Practitioner (UKOM).?By offering a personalised treatment program?? treating you and your specific needs on a very personal level ? you will have a greater understanding of your body and yourself. Feeling empowered with this knowledge will enable you to move towards a more balanced, healthy and fulfilled life.?To make an appointment please call?0207 629 2927?or email?[email protected]

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Homeopathy and Natural Fertility



Homeopath & Natural Fertility

Cassie Everett – LCHE, BA Hons

Cassie helps women with their hormonal havoc! If you are experiencing problems with your periods whether its heavy painful periods, PMT, PCOS, fertility problems, irregular cycles as well as many other problems then Cassie can help. ?She uses a series of natural remedies to get your hormones back into balance so you can go about your normal life without dreading your period each month.

Homeopathy treats the individual as a ‘whole person’, taking account of diet, circumstances, background, mood and personality as well as the presenting symptoms. It stimulates the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources such as plants and minerals which are processed in such a way to raise their healing potential. They are completely safe which means that everyone can take them (including pregnant women and babies).?

As well as a homeopath?Cassandra Everett?is a Natural family planning teacher and?is also an accredited therapist for the Foresight Association, which is a nation-wide organisation offering specialist services for people wishing to conceive.?She supports?her patients with additional advice on preconception health care based on the Foresight Association model, which aims to eliminate health issues that have been proven by researchers to lead to infertility.
To make an appointment with Cassie?Everett?between the 15th and January 30th please contact her directly on 07588 820 409?or email?[email protected]
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