How to avoid Burnout?

Written by Nutritional Therapist?Alexandra Kleanthous


tired_woman1 During times of stress, our adrenal glands kick into action causing the ?fight or flight? response in our bodies. Cortisol and adrenaline are released and this causes some physiological changes in the body ? we gain energy, we become alert and stronger, and we react faster.
This is all a natural response, and great in the days of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, when food was scarce or we needed to run away from a tiger ? but not so great when you?re stuck in a traffic jam!
For the average person, stress today is somewhat different, but the same reaction occurs in the body. Starvation diets, over exercise, stimulants and general stress are our modern day equivalents.
Moreover, nowadays there are a gazillion reasons, from traffic jams to screaming kids, to pile on the stress.
What this means for our bodies is the constant release of cortisol, far too much and far too often, and this is what is detrimental to our health. Moreover, Cortisol is the ?fat in the middle? and ?apple shape? culprit that seems to be the current ?plague? on our bodies.
The overabundance of cortisol leads to hormone imbalances and health problems ranging from fertility, fatigue and obesity, to brain fog and sleep disturbances. It turns a body that should be an energy efficient machine to a fat storage dumping ground.

So, how do you avoid this?

You look after your adrenals, that?s how!
Follow a few simple steps to support your adrenals from the stresses of everyday life:
? Use techniques like Tai Chi, yoga, Qigong and meditation to help relieve stress.
? Never starve yourself to lose weight. Make healthy food choices.
? Never drink caffeinated beverages, or eat chocolate or sugary foods on an empty stomach. Have them after a main meal.
? Cut down, or stop smoking altogether.
? If you exercise a lot, or you?re particularly stressed, take adrenal support.
? Herbs that help with adrenal stress include: Maca, Licorice root, Rhodiola rosea, Cordyceps and Astralagus root.
Maca is a mineral-rich, Peruvian super food and an adaptogen, which makes it especially good at helping the body to adapt to the effects of stress on hormonal health. Moreover, it?s an energy booster, and it helps to eliminate sugar cravings. Take ? to 1 teaspoon daily, and up to 1 tablespoon in times of heavy training.


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