Healthy living tips


Stimulate and refresh your nervous system with some uplifting aromatherapy. There?s many different essential oils to choose from, depending on your mood and preference. The relaxing scent of Lemon can help to calm and clarify the body, Lavender can relieve stress and ease headaches while Mandarin has been touted as an insomnia alleviator. Aromatherapy can be enjoyed using an reed diffuser or oil burner/diffuser.


Baths are an easy and cost-effective method of relaxation and also help to soothe tight or stiff muscles the day (or at least a few hours) after overexertion. Add a couple of drops of essential oil or bath salts for further restorative benefits. It?s so important to your overall health to schedule in downtime and making time for a bath at least a couple of times a week is a simple way to ensure you get the respite your mind and body needs.


It?s easy to get caught up in the festive hustle and bustle which can often leave you tired and depleted. Regularly getting less than 6 hours a night can build up sleep debt which starts to wreak havoc with immune and cardiovascular health, memory, mood and metabolism. If you are persistently struggling to get enough shuteye, it?s worth addressing other lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, technology and inconsistent sleeping hours, all of which affect your ability to switch off efficiently.


Movement is integral to our wellbeing and immunity and during those Winter months it?s easy to slip out of a regular exercise routine which can leave us feeling bloated, frustrated and restless. Exercise helps you look and feel your best so even if you are on a rest day, take five or ten minutes to perform a few stretches each morning. Not only will this provide an invigorated start to your morning but should also help you remain focused, balanced and calm for the duration of your day. It?s a good idea to check in with your body in this way each morning to see ?where you?re at and to keep hold of this awareness throughout the day.

Everyone deserves (and needs) a bit of me-time but other commitments and the hectic, ever-increasing pace of modern life can often rob us of the sparse free time we do have. Show yourself you care by devoting 10 minutes (or more) each day to an activity that you love. Whether it?s losing yourself in a book, baking bread or bird-watching, make time everyday for that thing that makes you lose track of time. Not only will you enjoy indulging in your passion but it will also allow you greater productivity with more menial daily tasks.

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