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bal Autumn is a great time of year to get into an exercise routine. It?s easy to fall off the wagon during the summer months so October is the perfect time to get motivated and form a new habit (or rekindle an old one). Exercise boosts your mood, keeps your heart healthy and strengthens immunity. What?s not to like? Here at Natureworks, we can?t wait to try out all the new classes on offer at Danceworks: http://danceworks.net/new-class-autumn/
yog For optimum results it?s best to keep things varied so why not complement your current training with a new form of exercise such as joining a run club, trying out a new class or just stepping out of your exercise comfort zone to avoid falling into that fitness rut. Mixing things up keeps your body guessing which not only assists you in achieving your fitness goals but also means you are less likely to become bored. If Yoga and Pilates are your method of choice, why not diversify things with a weekly Parkour or Boxing session? Equally, if you are an avid runner, it?s highly beneficial to complement your routine with something to lengthen out the muscles and ligaments such as Yoga, particularly Yin Yoga.
cou Motivational music is a must! With so many playlist applications available, it?s simple to get creative with your soundtrack and this also acts to solidify and build on those healthy habits. It?s a proven fact that listening to your favourite music releases endorphins (the body?s feel good chemical); combined with the happiness hit you?re already receiving from your workout equates to double the buzz!
mas In order to gain maximum benefits from an exercise routine, it?s important to recover properly and give your body the nourishment it deserves after all that hard work. If you are regularly exerting yourself physically, it?s beneficial to invest in regular bodywork to keep everything in tip-top condition. Massage improves sporting performance, reduces risk of injuries and promotes relaxation which is as important as the workout itself. Take a peak at the broad range of treatments on offer at Natureworks to complement your healthy lifestyle: http://natureworks.net/
eau It?s also crucial to ensure that your body is getting everything it requires nutritionally in order to fuel your workouts otherwise you?ll be left feeling depleted. What you need will vary depending on how much and what style of exercise you are doing but it?s always important to make sure you are getting the hydration you need from both water and also the food you are eating.

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