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Francesca Provenzano

Francesca Provenzano BSc (Hons) LCHE MARH Rhom BFRP

Francesca is a registered Homeopath who has been practicing for over 10 years. She was first impressed by Homeopathy when she experienced the benefits on her own health which inspired her to go on and study it at degree level.

In her practice she enjoys the challenges of treating people of all ages and backgrounds and has helped numerous people with both acute and stubborn chronic disease on their way to recovery. She has a special interest in skin, hormonal and digestive issues.

Francesca is also passionate about mental health and has been running a busy clinic for the charity organisation ?MIND? for the past 6 years.

When assessing a case she draws on a multidisciplinary approach by using Homeopathy alongside tissue salts, supplements and herbal tinctures where needed.

Francesca is also a qualified Bach Foundation Practitioner and consultations are offered on request.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

Francesca also practices Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST) a hands-on treatment which is widely known for its range of therapeutic and preventative benefits. This holistic touch therapy involves the whole individual, and by contacting all of the structures and functions within the body assists it to return to a state of balance. Able to address problems that have not responded to other treatment it can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other treatments like Homoeopathy.

Working with an extremely gentle hold, biodynamic CST is particularly safe and suitable for all, from pre-birth to advanced ages and also in fragile, painful and chronic conditions. It promotes physical, mental and emotional healing and is therefore an excellent accompaniment for meditative work, body-mind Centering, Physio- and Psychotherapy


“I have been an eczema sufferer for nearly 3 years now and it got to a stage where I would get it so severely on my hands, scalp and face that I couldn?t leave the house without wearing cotton gloves. The eczema was constantly itching and my hands were bleeding as the skin was so brittle and inflamed. The only thing that helped was a very potent cortisone cream and I really did not want to be dependent on something that thins the skin and is generally bad for your health. I was looking for alternative ways to battle my eczema, had tried a lot of things but nothing helped.

Francesca approached the problem from within and helped me find the root of it. A mixture of natural moisturising creams, homeopathic pills/globuli to help aid my emotional state and stress levels, changing my diet plus the emotional support she gave me talking through my problems at the one-to-one sessions, did the trick. I am now glove free and able to tackle the breakouts before they even happen. I?ve got my hands back, and all without needing cortison creams!”

? Sally Cooper, London

? I had just turned 50 when I recently went to see Francesca for my appointment. Clearly knew I was peri menopausal and my symptoms had been getting quite bad ? extreme and frequent flushes and sweats day and night! Poor sleeping! Irritable! And an overall lack lustre for life. I had lost my joke de vivre all of which so unlike me.  I have a very stressful job anyway so used to dealing with lots at once but it was at the point I felt impacting me in work and at home.  Going to see Francesca and having her analysis made a difference almost straight away. Certainly by week two after seeing her and taking the prescription of natural medications she had advised I was a lot better and by week 4/5 back to whatever normal is these days!! I had almost been on the verge of going on HRT that?s how desperate I was getting! So glad I didn?t and saw Francesca instead and that better alternatives do exist and work! 

I am still seeing Francesca as clearly being pre menopause will have its ups and downs but I can cope again now and feel on top of it.  Francesca?s approach is very nurturing ? she is a very good active listener and was very in tune with what I needed, taking a holistic approach to my health and well being.  She clearly knows what she is doing and I feel in very good hands under her advice and guidance?   

?  K.D. London

“My daughter started seeing Francesca when I decided that traditional medicine was not helping her tonsillitis. Prior to that, my daughter was prescribed four courses of antibiotics during a two months period and still she didn?t feel any better.  Eventually she got admitted into hospital with a high fever, which couldn?t be treated by antibiotics. She stayed there for 12 days. I knew that I had to find a different type of treatment and Homeopathy was my last hope to improve my daughter?s condition permanently.  I must report that Francesca has had amazing results helping my daughter. After two months of taking the homeopathic remedies, my daughter hasn?t had a cold or tonsillitis like she used to. She has had her life back and become a happy, lively and joyful child again. 

Fancesca has become an irreplaceable support system in my daughter?s overall wellness. She is a caring and compassionate professional and I appreciate her gentle and calm energy and her willingness to help. I have tremendous respect for her knowledge and expertise. 

Thank you for making us feel in safe hands!” 

?  Natallia B, Bedford

More informations on Francesca’s Website.