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We all experience stress in our work and are often expected to juggle many other balls simultaneously, whether that’s children, elderly parents, running the household etc… We can?t avoid stress but I want to best equipped you with some ideas, tips and natural remedies to help you at those difficult stressful times so you can avoid them leading to ill health and eventually burn out. The amount we are giving in our lives needs to be in balance with what we are receiving this also applies to how many commitments we take on in relation to our time/energy reserves.

I often ask my clients what do you do in your working week that is purely for your joy and pleasure ie: thats not for health, fitness, the kids, the dog etc…. if the answer is nothing, this is the first thing you need to address to balance stress in your life. When conditions are stressful the body ONLY allocates steroid building blocks/hormones to cortisol and adrenalin instead of DHEA and progesterone and DHEA is a woman?s friend as its the hormone that makes your skin glow, hair thick and provides joy.

In the short term its fine as it helps us handle stress, but we can easily get stuck in this pattern where we are constantly feeling stressed, this results in the necessary bodily functions getting neglected as the body only produces stress hormones (like cortisol). High levels of cortisol in the body for example suppress the immune system, this could lead to allergies developing for example. Having too high cortisol can also ruin your memory as cortisol kills brain cells. To add to this problem cortisol rising is actually addictive. This is because cortisol makes our energy level go up and we?re able to really focus, this is because it is designed to get us out of danger.

The problem comes when soon after the body stops registering the?positive aspects of cortisol (about 18mins later). Its just like when you drink coffee and you feel really energised. Then soon after you hit a wall, get jittery and anxious.



My top 10 tips for reducing/managing stress


1. Make healthy food choices

A good diet can counterbalance the impact of stress by strengthening the immune system, stabilizing moods, and?reducing blood pressure. Eat nutrient-dense food. Avoid refined carbs and sugar. Consuming foods high?in vitamin C, such as oranges and other citrus fruits, can reduce stress and boost the immune system. Complex?carbohydrates, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, can induce the brain to increase serotonin production and?stabilizing blood pressure as a way to reduce stress.

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2. Healing Herbs

Rhodiola is a herb and one of the forms of ginseng, and it’s the best proven botanical treatment for lowering cortisol.?Take it in a capsule form for best results. Herbal teas can be really useful too – Tulsi tea also known as holy basil is?an adaptogenic herb, what this means for you is that if you?re looking for a herbal tea to help combat the modern day?epidemic of stress and overwhelm, Tulsi is your go to herb and is one of my favorite drinks.

3. Magical Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients in our whole bodies. People who experience magnesium deficiency?coupled with stress manifest a variety of symptoms.? For example: insomnia, anxiety, sensitivity to sound, irritability,?sensitivity to all stimuli etc… Dr Carolyn Dean is the woman who wrote ?The Magnesium Miracle? and she says:? ?I?ve?seen it happen that all of a sudden someone is worrying about something when there?s nothing to worry about.?That?s?why, when someone is living a stressful lifestyle, magnesium is such an extremely important component. Every time they?go through stress, the magnesium in the body is depleted more and more.? Magnesium can help boost and regulate?hormone production, put you to sleep at night, relax your nerves, and calm the racing thoughts in your brain. Lots?of leafy greens is the best source of magnesium.? Almonds and other nuts and black beans are also on the list.


4. Contemplative practice is nonnegotiable.

This is especially true if you are struggling with your weight. A recent study from the University of California at San?Francisco, showed that obese women who began a mindfulness program and stuck with it for four months lost belly fat.

5. Exercise

Studies show stress impairs your efforts to stay physically active. The opposite is also true: Staying active reduces?stress. You’ve likely felt that post-workout stress-zapping endorphin rush. That’s because, according to Matthew Stults-Kolehmainen, Ph.D., a kinesiologist at the Yale Stress Center, exercise can boost hormones like norepinephrine that?elevate mood and even improve stress-damaged thinking.

6. Sleep

Go to bed early ie: 10-10.30 because if we go to bed late the cortisol level increases and the melatonine level goes?down. Which results in not sleeping as well and waking unrefreshed. Create a bedtime ritual ie: bath, gratitude work?(research has shown that being grateful actually brings down cortisol in the body and increases DHEA – the anti aging?hormone!).


7. Mind your gut

Chronic stress can also contribute to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and numerous other gastrointestinal conditions.?Repopulating healthy microorganisms with a probiotic supplement is really useful. One study found stress suppressed?inflammasome, which is needed to maintain healthy gut flora. In this mice study, probiotics reversed that detrimental?effect.

8. Rituals

Whether it’s taking a bath before bed, listening to your favorite playlist on the commute to work, or walking the dog to?the park down the street every morning, in times of stress it helps to turn to a comforting routine. (A consistent routine?also helps you sleep.) “Our bodies naturally crave routine, and by focusing on these consistent rituals you increase your?body’s ability to deal with the physical aspects of stress.


9. Get some fresh air

Research indicates that the vitamin D boost from sunlight may elevate your levels of feel-good serotonin. And, taking in?the sights, sounds, and smells around you redirects your focus from your worries.

Homeopathic-Remedies-for-Anxiety-4 10.Homeopathic remedies

I really like the Narayani Stress Balance combination remedy which you can buy from Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy?on 0207 079 1288. Take it as and when you feel particularly stress, this could be following a shock, grief, worry,?sleeplessness, dreams and emotions. Suck one pill under the tongue every couple of hours for up to to 6 doses in one?day, stop when symptoms improve. Always consult with a homeopath if symptoms persist for individualised support.

Cassie Everett has practiced homeopathy professionally for 8 years, she also lectures, provides practical courses and?supervises students. Cassie specialises in natural hormonal health and the treatment of infertility. Her client base is?wide reaching around the world from the US to Australia; she even provides skype consultations for a military client in?Afghanistan. Cassie?s philosophy is focus on the small things that make a real difference and restore balance.?You can reach Cassie on 07588 820 409 Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms

? Memory / concentration problems

? Seeing only the negative

? Anxious or racing thoughts and worry

? Moodiness

? Irritability or short temper

? Agitation, inability to relax

? Sense of loneliness and isolation

? Depression or general unhappiness

? Aches and pains

? Diarrhea or constipation

? Nausea, dizziness

? Chest pain, rapid heartbeat

? Loss of sex drive

? Eating more or less

? Sleeping too much or too little

? Isolating yourself from others

? Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities

? Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax

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