Nutritional Tips

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Adapt your food intake to the changing season

Introduce fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables as they become available, preferably grown locally and organically. At this time of year you should be thinking of pumpkins, swedes, turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots and mushrooms for vegetables and apples, pears and grapes for fruits. ?Oily fish such as mackerel is an excellent ?mood food? as it can help to increase levels of serotonin ? the happiness chemical ? in the brain. ?Also think of using many colours when preparing meals ? foods in a wide variety of colours will provide you with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.?


Food choices

Eat juicy fruits and vitamin-filled veggies. Climatic changes in autumn may lead to dryness affecting the body, especially the lungs and skin, resulting in dry skin, dry cough and constipation. Eating more moistening, juicy fruits like pears, pomegranates, persimmons and apples can reduce these effects. To help boost the immune system, add some vitamin-packed seasonal vegetables like yams, sweet potatoes, carrots and winter squash. If you do come down with a cold or allergies, try adding some pungent flavored foods to your diet such as green onions, fresh ginger or sweet onions.

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Food preparation: Warm it up!

As the weather becomes colder, prepare more warm cooked foods and reduce the amount of cold raw foods in your diet. Try using cooking techniques like baking, braising, roasting and stewing to improve nutrient absorption in the cold weather months.


Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are often useful this time of year. Many ?people?add some nutrients that support immune function so as not to pick up “what’s going around.”
Taking some echinacea or the Chinese herb astragalus is helpful. Maintaining daily vitamins C and E along with selenium and zinc is also immune protective and clears our body of certain toxins. Roots are helpful at tonifying our body at this time. Ginseng is good for building strength and endurance. Burdock root is good for the skin.?

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Doing an effective Detox Diet or avoiding sugar, wheat and dairy for a couple weeks is often quite revealing and helps us to feel better – lighter and more youthful with greater energy. Since it’s getting cooler, we’ll need to exercise and sauna or steam as a means to sweat to clear toxins. Regular sweating is important to health and longevity. Allowing, Bowing, Plowing, Nowing is the desired outcome for some – with cleansing their lens, their perceptions and their ability to create a healing oasis with their inner and outer environments. This is a healthful attitude and creates a mood that encourages longevity, with a life lived to the fullest.