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Craniosacral Therapy:
£70 (55 mins)

StructuraI Integration:
£100 (60 mins)

Special Offer:
Craniosacral Therapy

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(£120 in total)

Postural Health, Movement & Wellbeing


Craniosacral Therapy – is a light-touch therapy connecting in to the body’s self-healing system. This gentle approach has profound effects. Some conditions which it is particularly effective include headaches, tinnitus, vertebral issues, chronic injury, IBS & sleep disorders.


Structural Integrationis a 10-step process of structural renewal working with the myo-fascia (connective tissue) using deep-tissue massage and guided movement.  Working up through the structural blocks of the body there is a process of strengthening and natural alignment which unfolds, helping to resolve old injuries and enable free and fluid movement.

About Vicky Wright

Vicky interweaves health, theatre & dance. She trained at The Guild of Structural Integration, Colorado in 2008 and has gone on to specialise in working with performers.Understanding the structural system of the body and its subtler mechanisms of healing through Craniosacral Therapy, she works with actors, dancers and singers in injury rehabilitation and unfolding their potential onstage.

Training for 3 years in Lecoq-based theatre in Italy she is an expert in working with posture and body language. She runs workshops in non-verbal communication, mask and physicality at The Actors Centre and with Making Faces Theatre.Alongside, she brings her own physical experiences as an aerial dancer, performer, yogi and martial artist.

Special Offer 

Buy a set of 3 Craniosacral Therapy sessions for the price of 2 on Mondays & Tuesdays from 9.00 – 13.00. (£120 in total). Valid until April 30th. 


“The subtlety of Vicky’s touch, combined with her breadth of knowledge allows her to work on connections at a very deep level. After each session I found myself moving more gracefully and powerfully, and with much less tension than ever before.”
David Poznanter – Circus Artist & Performer, Cirque Dreams


“Absolutely loved my sessions with Vicky! I hadn’t had Craniosacral Therapy before, but her sessions were so healing, nourishing and re-balancing. I had accumulated both physical & emotional stress, which completely subsided after the sessions. I felt calmer, more balanced and was able to sleep peacefully & uninterupted through the night again. I would highly recommend Vicky’s sessions for anyone in need of a physical, mental or spiritual recharge.”
Gabi Fritz – Actress

T:07779 854 957