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Relationship Psychotherapy 

‘The adventure of life is not about discovering new landscapes but by seeing the old ones with new eyes’


She has a BSC Hons in Psycholgy from City University, an MSC in Applied Psychology from Brunel University, an MSC in Child Development and Learning from Oxford Brookes University and an MA in Relationship Therapy from Hull University. After spending some time working in the field of Psychology and Child Psychology, She became interested in the analysis of human relationships so she decided to specialize in relationship counselling and psychotherapy and she started her training with Relate Institute. Currently she works in private practice and as a Relate Counsellor for Relate North West .

Moreover, she is a part-time mentor for City University’s Professional Mentor’s Scheme.

She is a registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselors and Psychotherapists) and she works according to its ethical guidelines and confidentiality policies. She is specialized on working on relationship issues for couples, families and individuals. She also welcomes LGBT individuals and couples and she can offer sessions in Greek.

Her work is based on an integrative model which means that she is trained on several therapeutic approaches, including systemic, psychodynamic, narrative, transpersonal , mindfuleness, Gestalt, transactional analysis and CBT and she tries to involve different methods and interventions within her therapy sessions according to what is brought forward by her clients.

The most important thing for her is to enable her clients to feel comfortable in a safe and trustworthy environment where genuine interest, empathy and focused listening and understanding is taking place.

She believes that the start of a successful therapy session lies on a relaxed and supportive relationship between the client and the therapist that is based on trust and confidentiality


For those who have had a significant or immediate disruption in an intimate relationship, work position or facing a time in their lives that they just need a safe and ‘secure’ space to process, explore and reflect on these kind of disruptions, to be listened to carefully and move on forward.

For those who want to start having a greater awareness of themselves in order to gain a great perspective and understanding around their ideas, beliefs, values, behavior patterns and relationship dynamics.

For those who are interested in achieving fulfillment and self-actualization.



Psychotherapy can provide someone with a ‘safe’ space to share their ‘own’ story in full confidentiality and be listened to and guided through exploring unconscious or conscious patterns of behaviours that lead to repetitive relationship patterns or cycles of conflict. Some of the benefits of psychotherapy can be:

  • Support you to start expressing yourself and your needs in a healthier way
  • Reaching decisions for yourselves or others when all you see around you is chaos and confusion and possibly pain.
  • It can reduce bitterness and conflict and open as well as improve healthier channels of communication.
  • It can help someone to cope better with issues of separation, rejection or abandonment.
  • It can provide a calm and safe setting in which people can focus on their needs and on what is happening within themselves.
  • It can enrich someone’s life at a both emotional and intellectual level.  ‘It is a journey towards personal development that will significantly increase your effectiveness at whatever you set to do in your life’
  • Can provide someone with a space to reflect and become more aware of him/herself.



What patients say:

“It has been very helpful to me for this time in my life and will be for the rest of my life. Having insight and greater awareness about myself  helps me deal better with my anxiety and internal fears. I am better at managing my relationship, at putting boundaries and also taking better control of my life.”

“Therapy has been really helpful to me. I feel more grounded, more secure and more able to commit. It didn’t happen immediately as psychotherapy is a journey in itself,  but I have felt a deep shift in my way of thinking and dealing with my intimate relationships’.


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