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Cranial Osteopathy


Osteopaths don’t just treat backs

Osteopathy is a safe and natural approach to health care. The main emphasis is on the structural integrity of the body. Osteopaths have a highly developed sense of touch and use their hands to investigate the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. Working on the physical frame can also help the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person to balance.

What does it involve and how does it work ?
The Osteopath will take a thorough medical case history after which he will conduct a physical examination, which may involve clinical tests.  This will help the osteopath to establish the cause of the symptoms/dysfunction. Cranial osteopathic treatment involves using gentle pressure to assess the body’s areas of restriction and motion.

Health is expressed as motion and the osteopath will release the restriction (physical or emotional) allowing the body to function as a ‘whole’. A feeling of connectedness and wellbeing commences.

Paul Kyte is an Osteopath who has been practicing at Natureworks since 1998, specialising in the treatment of dynamic movement injuries. Paul has a Post Graduate Diploma in Pediatric Osteopathy treating all aspects of pregnancy for women and the newborn. He uses both cranial and structural techniques.

Paul has a keen interest in treating:

  • Dance injuries
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Traumatic injuries

Paul recommends that you book a 90 minute session for your first visit

To book an appointment contact Paul direct on or 07939205927

There is also an option to book with Paul online


What to expect when visiting an osteopath

For more information visit: The General Osteopathic Council or The British Osteopathic Association 


Fine hands combined with great knowledge and skill. He has certainly helped me and my injured ankle” Jeff Lennard, Zero Balancing Therapist

Without saying a word, Paul gently talks to your body and coaxes it back into comfort and realignment. From my injured ankle to jet lag, he has helped me in more ways than one and for this I am most grateful” Jade Luca, Energy Bodywork Therapist