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Contact Judyta directly to book an appointment:

Tel: 07860 819598
First appointment 90 min £80.00
Follow up 60 min £60.00
Prescription 120ml £8.50
(1 month supply)

Tea 20g £2.50
Skin balm 60g £8.50
Capsules 30p each



Western Medical Herbalism


In today’s world we are constantly feeling stressed and under pressure often forgetting about our own health which inevitably leads to imbalance and long term illnesses.

Western Medical Herbalism

Western Herbal Medicine is one the ancient healing forms that combines the knowledge of herbs gained throughout millennia and the recent scientific research about the use of pure herbal extracts found in leaves, bark, flower, root and seeds and their therapeutic properties to support your body’s own healing ability and restore your well being. This holistic approach focuses not only your physical well being but emotional as well which aims to deal with the underlying problem and the symptoms using a thorough and systematic approach to get to the root of your health problem.

In Herbal medicine everybody is unique and cannot be treated with the same measure therefore each patient is evaluated on their individual basis with treatment and prescription tailored specifically to your needs so you may be able to respond well to the treatment.

What is Medical Herbalism best for?

As a medical herbalist I offer complete personalised treatment that focuses on your health, diet and nutrition and free unlimited online support so you can always contact me if there are any issues.  My main success areas in managing patient’s symptoms are:

Hormone imbalance
Menopause symptoms
Thyroid issues
Eczema, psoriasis
Rheumatic pains and aches
As well as many others

About Judyta

Judyta Zyrek (BSc Hons Herbal medicine) is registered and qualified medical herbalist and member of National Institute of Medical Herbalist in the UK. She has been practising herbal medicine for couple of years and runs private practice in Twickenham Balanced Body Clinic.

 Judyta has extensive knowledge in treating female and skin complaints where she also makes her own ointments, balms, creams, teas and capsules. Whenever possible Judyta always uses organic herbal extract and teas which she either grows/harvest herself or buy from specialise suppliers.

If you are taking any medications and had done recently blood tests, scans etc please bring the list with you, Judyta will asses any potential herbs/drugs interaction and will be able to re evaluate your health plan safely. Patients interested in making their own herbal extracts, oils, balms or general health are welcome to come along to herbal medicine workshops and talk run by Judyta and also have a look at her blog at www.judysherbalremedies.com.

Please note a 50% deposit is required to book a consultation. Prescription is charged separately and it is send the next day to the patient with measuring cup and full instructions.