Jessica Loeb



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Chavutti Thirumal
Before 3pm
90 min  –  £95
After 3pm
90 min  –  £105

Yoga Breathing
60 min  –  £60


Chavutti Thirumal and Yoga Breathing


Massage With Real Sole

Chavutti Thirumal originates from South India where it was developed for practitioners of the South Indian martial art Kalaripyattu and for Kathakali Dancers. The full body oil massage is given with the soles of the feet, enabling long continuous strokes of controlled pressure from the hands down the arms, torso and legs to the feet. Every muscle and ligament is covered. It is a deep massage relaxing the muscles and stimulating the circulatory and immune systems, encouraging free energy flow and flow of the venous blood. It also aids the digestive system, helping the body to eliminate toxins, especially good in conjunction with a detox diet. As well as those involved in physical work or training, this massage is excellent for those with a more sedentary life. It is a great reliever of stress. For the full rejuvenating effect, in India it is traditional to have this massage on ten consecutive days, though one is also very beneficial.

Yoga Breathing is a series of breathing exercises called The Kriyas working down through the body to cleanse and stimulate the internal organs. These powerful exercises help to bring a feeling of calmness and centering and can be done as a preparation for meditation. Once learnt, they can be done at your leisure.

Jessica has been practicing Chavutti Thirumal since 1987, having trained with Dr Padmanabha Pillai and his wife Indira Bai at the Institute of Yogic Culture, Trivandrum, South India. She has been working with and developing the massage ever since. Previously Jessica worked as a dancer having trained at The London School Of Contemporary Dance. She also works as a singer, has recorded a solo CD of improvised singing and holds a 3rd Dan in Aikido. She is a member of International Guild of Professional Practitioners.