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60 Mins – £80

Zero Balancing


Transformation through stillness. A unique way of working with energy and structure

The unique touch of Zero Balancing brings a clearer flow through the body, helping to release held tension from both the body and mind, thereby inducing a deep state of relaxation.  Its effect is to significantly improve physical and mental function as well as promoting feelings of well-being and optimism in the receiver.



Zero Balancing is especially effective in dealing with stress (including the normal day-to-day pressures of modern life), physical pain or injury, long term recurring patterns in the body, emotional trauma and ultimately as a powerful tool for the maintenance of well-being and the prevention of ‘dis-ease’.

Jeff Lennard is a certified practitioner and teacher of Zero Balancing.  He was trained by the founder Dr. Fritz Smith MD and teaches internationally.  His expertise in zero balancing has featured in numerous publications including the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, the Financial Times, the Independent, the Evening Standard and other health related journals (articles/ details available at reception). Jeff has twenty-five years experience as a practitioner and teacher in the wider field of Eastern and Western forms of bodywork and movement.  


“I was first treated by Jeff Lennard 10 years ago. I had had an extremely sore right hip for the previous 8 years and had been treated, at different times, by a chiropractor, an osteopath and a physio without any lasting improvement. It would hurt whenever I did my sport (horse riding) and it got so bad I thought I was going to have to give up riding altogether. However, after just three sessions with Jeff, the pain disappeared and has not returned 10 years later and I am still competing at Eventing aged 55. Since then he has successfully treated me for a badly pulled leg muscle, discomfort arising from an internal colon  operation and an extremely sore back. He is the only person I regularly recommend. His treatments have never not worked – apologies for the double negative but it really does say it all. He is brilliant at what he does and I feel extremely lucky to have found him” Olivia Heywood 21st November 2016

“Zero Balancing is one of those therapies that you’ve either never heard of before, or if you have, you’ve never known anyone who’s tried it. I was under a lot of stress from several projects, involving a lot of late, or even sleepless, nights. My body began to suffer and I started picking up every bug that was going around. Jeff gently put my body back into alignment. To be honest, it really didn’t feel like he was doing much, and I wondered if I was wasting my time. Though not long into the session, I’m not exaggerating when I say that, I could actually feel my legs lengthening, releasing months of stress in my joints. My neck and upper back were rock solid from leaning over a computer day in, day out. Again, after Jeff’s seemingly ineffective ministrations I came off the table feeling like I had had a deep tissue massage. All physical stress felt like it had literally run off my body. Since starting with Jeff my immunity system has consequently kicked-in again and I am no longer suffering from any of the seasonal bugs. I literally do feel stress-free. I couldn’t recommend Jeff more highly.” – Joseph Murray, Danceworks DM

“I feel profoundly fortunate to have found a source of therapy like Zero Balancing. As a professional ballet dancer I have had exposure to various types of physio and massage therapy but find my body responds best to the gentle manipulation and therapeutic energy associated with zero balancing.

After a session I feel completely re-charged and re-aligned in my joints. Jeff is an excellent therapist who truly listens to what the individual body needs at a particular time.
I would recommend this to anyone -from professional athletes to office workers as I feel anyone would benefit from this extraordinary tuning of the body” – Hannah Williams, 16th May 2018