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Sports Massage

Sports massage is the therapeutic application of massage techniques that aid recovery and prevention of muscle injuries, joint problems and tension. The application of sports massage can be very beneficial for people that are athletic or engage in regular sporting activities. Although, the therapeutic outcomes can be equally as beneficial for anyone that experiences injuries, pain and tension caused by everyday domestic and occupational activities. The effects of sports massage can also be deeply relaxing, making it a good choice for stress relief.


Reflexology is an essential part of traditional Indian medicine known as ayurvedic medicine. The application of reflexology includes specialist massage techniques that are most commonly applied to the feet, although they may also be effectively applied to the hands and face. The gentle massage techniques applied to the many nerve endings on the feet and hands also send signals to the brain, which can induce a very deep state of relaxation, general stress relief and well being. This process in itself can help reduce symptoms of pain and distress associated with many common health conditions, making it a very versatile therapy.


Acupressure therapy is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many simlarities between acupressure and acupuncture, although acupressure uses specialised massage and stretching techniques instead of needles and focuses mainly upon muscular and skeletal conditions, pain management and stress. However, the deeply relaxing and stress relieving effects of acupressure massage make an effective therapy for relieving symptoms from a wide range of common health conditions including muscle injury, back pain and tension, migraine headaches, sciatica and stress related tension.


Cymatic therapy involves the application of audible sound therapy directly to the body. There are many unique sound frequency settings used in Cymatic therapy that are designed to support a wide range of common conditions. Cymatic therapy delivers its benefits by interacting with the acupuncture meridian system and gently stimulating the body’s circulation and sensory nerves to reduce stress, provide cosmetic support and promote recovery from pain and injury. Conditions that can benefit from Cymatic therapy include mental stress, muscle injury, fractures, circulation problems, back pain and tension, irritable bowel syndrome, neck pain, tension and restriction, tension headaches, chronic fatigue and other conditions

Chris Gibbs has been a massage therapist, author and trainer in complementary medicine and healthcare for 15 years. He began his career working for 5 years as an assistant massage therapist for a Dr and osteopath, which helped him develop specialised massage skills to alleviate pain and tension for people with sports injuries and clinical conditions.

 Chris Gibbs qualifications : Degrees BSc (Hons) Psychology and Health Studies; Diplomas Cymatic Medicine (DCM) Nutritional Medicine (NM) Acupressure Massage (LCCM): Certificates Cymatherapy Counselling (CSCT) Sports Massage (VTCT) Reflexology (VTCT) Nutritional Medicine : Professional membership and accreditation Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) British Holistic Medical Association (BHMA) Acupuncture Society


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